Chapter 70: I Am Still a Child
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 70: I Am Still a Child

Roel felt his heart contracting sharply. It was not because of an enemy attack or a problem with his body, but a natural response to the sheer shock he felt.

The clues littered everywhere had given him a rough idea as to the situation he was in, but he still found the current situation hard to believe. Traversing through time and returning into history, is this really something transcendents can accomplish with their strength?

At the very least, Roel knew for sure that neither Nora nor himself was capable of this. At Origin Levels 5 and 6, the two of them were much too weak! Even Origin Level 4 Peter Kater was able to easily triumph over them.

It was impossible for them to deal with anything related to space-time, given the limitations of their strength. This world that they lived in was one that didn’t have convenient teleportation doors like those commonly seen in fantasy works, or else traveling wouldn’t have been such a massive hassle!

There were indeed transcendents with space-related abilities, but most of them were limited to short-distance teleportation, and they would have to pay a frighteningly hefty price to use it. And this was still for the easier-to-grasp spatial abilities!

Roel had never even heard of anyone wielding a time-related ability before, and clearly, it was the same for Nora too.

“Could it be my grandfather who sent us here? But, I don’t think anyone in our house has that sort of ability…” muttered Nora in confusion.

All of a sudden, she set her eyes on Roel, assessing him from head to toe. By the process elimination, if it wasn’t herself, it could only be him. However, her companion was just as baffled as she was.

Time ticked by in silence. Fear of the unknown was gradually creeping into their hearts, leaving them feeling like rudderless ships heading into turbulent waters. It took quite a while before they were finally able to calm themselves down.

“It could be the labyrinth artifact, or that I might have some mysterious ability that I don’t know of, but in any case… it seems like we rea

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