Chapter 71: ‘Traitor’
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Peter Kater couldn’t remember how long it had been since anyone called him in such an intimate manner, especially not from a child.

He hated children. Those darned rascals often mocked his art just because their lack of experience prohibited them from comprehending the profound intricacies behind his masterpieces… though the same could be said about adults too.

But, on this very day, his popularity amongst children suddenly soared to a new high. He was even intimately addressed as ‘Uncle Peter’! Of course, this came at a very heavy price.

The words ‘fallen for our trap’ made the soldiers, who were planning to surround Roel and Nora, freeze on the spot. The commander shot a look at Peter and immediately realized that there was something strange going on.

This ‘Uncle Peter’ person had a pale face and was drenched in blood too, but the only injury he had was a wound on his shoulder. In other words, the bloodstains on his body were not his! Furthermore, to dare wander in this area without wearing any armor, it could only mean that he was a transcendent, a high-level one at that!

“Enemy attack!!!”

The wary commander immediately shouted out loud. Peter Kater looked at the alarmed soldiers, and it finally dawned on him that Roel had pulled one over him.

“You stupid brat, what nonsense are you…”

“Open up the formation! Cover the frontlines!”

Realizing that Peter could be a magician, the commander immediately raised his sword and charged at him. There were ten other soldiers who quickly followed him, prepared to cover him if anything were to happen.

Having fought on the battlefield for a long time, their instinctive reaction upon encountering a possibly hostile magician was to immediately turn against him. Their furious howls drowned out Peter’s explanations.

“Wait a moment, I… No, I am not… Shit!”

The arrows that whizzed across the sky was the last straw. Just tens of meters away from Roel and Nora, a huge battle suddenly broke out. Dozens of soldiers began clashing with Peter Kater.

Soldiers that had been through life-

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