Chapter 68: Bro, Web Loan?
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Labyrinth Villa.

180 years ago, this residence became the key that determined the fate of the Theocracy. Over ten thousand soldiers had fought a bitter battle in this place, using the swords in their hands to shape the future of the country. That was a bloody period of time that revealed both the evil and goodness of humanity, treacherous betrayals and steadfast loyalty, the clash in ideals and wills, and the feud within the royal family over the crown.

The splitting headache that Roel experienced when the labyrinth artifact activated was so excruciating that even the accident that brought about his death in his previous life couldn’t compare with it. He felt like his brain was being sizzled on top of a barbecue rack, and his blood and nerves were being stung every single instant. The pain traveled through his veins into his eyes, making him feel as if someone was pumping mercury into his eye sockets.

He wanted to scream, but no voice would come out of him. Everything in his line of sight had started to distort. Even when he tried closing his eyes, everything remained blood-red. It felt like something had grabbed hold of his eyes, forcefully keeping them open. Ancient scriptures, stone tablets, broken swords, and all sorts of bizarre items swiftly flashed across his eyes before he finally arrived at the origin of it all.

It was a single candle lit amidst the darkness. As the candlelight flickered, he could see indistinguishable silhouettes creeping nearer. However, Roel was too dazed to pay heed to it. Vaguely, he heard the jingling of bells in his ears.

“The kingmaker…” sounded a hoarse voice.

Roel couldn’t tell where the voice had come from, but in the next moment, everything dissipated into emptiness. Darkness descended upon him once more as he lost consciousness.

The pulsation of bloodline—this was currently what Nora was feeling. Her last memory before she was knocked out was a massive burst of light as the Labyrinth Villa broke through the studio. It was only when the searing pain in her bloodline jolted he

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