Chapter 643.1: At the Two Ends of History (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 643.1: At the Two Ends of History (1)

In a dimly-lit room, Roel slowly opened his eyes and saw that Alicia had left her seat, but the teacup on the table remained steaming hot.

He wasn’t surprised by Alicia’s absence. He gently raised the teacup, swirled it, and took a sip. As the fragrance suffused his nose and his mouth, the Heat Regulation Spell on the teacup dissipated. Shortly afterward, there was a slight spatial distortion behind him.

Alicia emerged from the spatial distortion. Behind her was a dark plain and traces of a white fog.

“Lord Brother, is the reinforcement of your powers progressing well?”

“Yes, I’m done. Where did you go?”

“I went out to soak in some moonlight in preparation for the upcoming battle. There’s no moon in this dimension,” Alicia replied with a helpless smile.

Roel nodded in comprehension.

Alicia had significantly depleted herself after the series of battles she had been through, as well as her maintaining her Divine Domain and controlling the Black Moon for an extended period of time to treat Roel. As formidable as the regeneration of her Silverash Child Bloodline was, she needed to bask in moonlight to draw out its fullest potential.

It was not the first time Alicia had basked under the moonlight; she often did it back when they were living in the Ascarts’ manor too. Thus, Roel wasn’t too perplexed.

What he was concerned about was the situation outside.

“How is it going outside?”

“Shrouding Fog’s whereabouts have been revealed after losing Light Devourer’s cover. We’re currently on the move, but it’s only a matter of time before Carolyn catches up.” Alicia walked up to Roel, sat down, and hugged his arm. “A battle is inevitable tonight.”

“…It’s fine. We have already completed our preparations,” Roel replied with a reassuring smile.

However, Alicia still reserved her concerns.

Even though the conflict between them was irreconcilable, Carolyn was still Roel’s ancestor. She wasn’t confident that she could draw a line as to how far she should go during the battle.

Alicia knew that she would do everything she

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