Chapter 642: Disappeared Protection
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 642: Disappeared Protection

In the holy world, Roel stared at the woman touching his cheek, not knowing how he should answer Her question. Many doubts lingered in his mind.

All living beings in the Sia Continent were Sia’s children, and Roel was no exception. For Her to have asked a question with such an obvious answer, it felt like She was driving at something else instead.

Is She asking if I am Her creation or… Roel pondered as he looked at Sia, who, despite Her inviolable aura, appeared perplexingly nervous.

He decided not to clarify the question in the end, since his answer would have been the same. From a broader perspective, Sia was the Mother of All Lives. From a narrower perspective, the Kingmaker had inherited Sia’s soul, so it was not wrong to say that they were mother and son.

“Yes, Lord Sia. I am Your child.”

“…I see.”

Brief silence ensued before Sia nodded, but Her expression still showed no hints of a smile or maternal love. Instead, Her expression became even more complicated, as if She was facing a dilemma.

Roel couldn’t understand Her response. He hesitated for a brief moment before bucking up his courage to ask about it, “Lord Sia, may I ask the rationale behind the earlier question?”

“I… wanted to confirm it.”

“Confirm it?”

“You have finally reached Origin Level 1, right?” Sia asked as She stroked Roel’s cheek as if to sense his physical condition.

“Ah? Y-yes, I have.”

Roel was taken aback by the question.

She spoke as if She had seen him before, which was incongruous with Her previous response. However, he had met Sia’s avatar back when he advanced to Origin Level 3, so She could have sensed his presence then, just that She had a lapse in Her memory.

Casting away his doubts for the time being, he looked at Sia and raised the question that had been on his mind for a while now: “Lord Sia, where are we? Is this related to my breakthrough to Origin Level 1?”

“We’re at the Divine Altar, a land of glory back in the ancient era. This is where brave souls are rewarded for overcoming the limits of their races.”


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