Chapter 62: Ophthalmologist
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How did it feel to know that one’s predecessor was actually a pervert?

Roel believed that he had just earned the qualification to answer this question. Flustered. Extremely flustered. And embarrassed too.

The usual attitude Roel had with Nora was to ‘stay as far away from me as possible’, but today, he desperately tried to keep her by his side, not allowing her to stray from his line of sight at all.

Ponte Ascart’s diary entries were simply too detailed that Roel felt his fingers and toes curling up. Just from the three entries he had read, he was able to come up with a lot of labels for his ancestor—illicit teacher-student fantasies, ‘flat is justice’ cultist, and very possibly a lolicon.

“Tsk. That fellow should really be thankful for Prince Wade’s rebellion, or else he could have very well been executed by Victoria…”

“Mm? What did you say?”

“No, it’s nothing much. How is the tea?”

“Not bad. The teacup is wonderful too. Empress Victoria has a good sense of aesthetics.”

Seeing how Nora was focused on other matters, Roel heaved a sigh of relief. It was fortunate that those from the royal palace rarely frequented this place. He would just have to survive these two days and send her off tomorrow night. It would all be good by then.

The reputation of the Ascart House banks on everything that is going to happen today and tomorrow!

Roel thought as his heart pounded furiously. He began putting together plans to keep Nora occupied.

Meanwhile, after Nora finished studying the tea set, she turned to examine the door of the tea room, and she soon noticed something peculiar.

“What’s that pinhole on the door?”

“Hm? Isn’t that a door viewer?”

“That’s why I’m asking why there’s a door viewer here. Isn’t it something that’s normally used only for the door at the entrance? I’ve been paying close attention and noticed that almost every room in this villa has a door viewer. Is there some kind of special significance to this?”

“No, there’s no special significance to it now. Just like what you have said, this door viewer is intended

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