Chapter 63: I Trust You More Than You Do
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 63: I Trust You More Than You Do

Roel felt that Nora was a good person.

He believed that being able to have good food and sleep whenever one wanted to were the fundamental sources of bliss for humans, and anyone who was able to enhance this feeling of bliss for him was a good person.

It was true that she did suffer from a slight streak of sadism, but no human is infallible. Roel felt that this much was at least understandable, especially with gourmet-level delicacies laid out before him.

The cut of fish he was munching on had a soft and springy texture, giving it a fantastic bite. He felt that the chefs in this world really knew how to handle their ingredients. On top of the fundamental taste, aroma, and appearance, they were also able to perfect the mouthfeel of the food too. Without a doubt, this further accentuated the culinary experience.

Back where Roel lived in his previous life, his countrymen were known to be extremely picky with their food. This was inevitable since there was plenty of affordable good food around. Roel wasn’t born in a wealthy family in his previous life, but he did travel to many different places together with his parents. He had enjoyed hot pot on the mountains, succulent lamb on the plains, and fresh fish by the river. The desire for good food was already carved deep in his soul, a pursuit that he would never be able to escape from.

While Roel was indulging himself in the sumptuous food before him, he didn’t fail to notice that Nora appeared to be a little restrained during the meal. It seemed like something was bothering her. How did Roel notice it, you ask? It was through her appetite, of course!

It should go without saying that the professional royal chefs wouldn’t make a mistake as basic as portioning. Even a child like Roel wouldn’t feel bloated after eating the full course. Perhaps Nora, as a girl, might not be able to eat as much as him, but there was no way she should be leaving so much good food behind.

Looking at the dessert which Nora had only eaten a spoonful from, Roel blinked his eyes in confusion.


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Translator Notes

Hahaha we have completed all of the missions at the moment, but a major arc is coming right up though. I'll get some more mission up soon

Anyway, I'm really glad to see that this novel is more active than before, esp in terms of comments. So far, over the last 62 chapters, we have had >1600 comments, which is a whopping lot. And furthermore, these comments are unlike the usual EXP (that I used to get quite a bit on LoHP)~~ Hehe, I'd usually find time to look through the comments and have a little chuckle to myself, and I think they really do make the novel more fun. So, thanks a lot for that hehehe~

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