Chapter 63: I Trust You More Than You Do
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 63: I Trust You More Than You Do

Roel felt that Nora was a good person.

He believed that being able to have good food and sleep whenever one wanted to were the fundamental sources of bliss for humans, and anyone who was able to enhance this feeling of bliss for him was a good person.

It was true that she did suffer from a slight streak of sadism, but no human is infallible. Roel felt that this much was at least understandable, especially with gourmet-level delicacies laid out before him.

The cut of fish he was munching on had a soft and springy texture, giving it a fantastic bite. He felt that the chefs in this world really knew how to handle their ingredients. On top of the fundamental taste, aroma, and appearance, they were also able to perfect the mouthfeel of the food too. Without a doubt, this further accentuated the culinary experience.

Back where Roel lived in his previous life, his countrymen were known to be extremely picky with their food. This was inevitable since there was plenty of affordable good food around. Roel wasn’t born in a wealthy family in his previous life, but he did travel to many different places together with his parents. He had enjoyed hot pot on the mountains, succulent lamb on the plains, and fresh fish by the river. The desire for good food was already carved deep in his soul, a pursuit that he would never be able to escape from.

While Roel was indulging himself in the sumptuous food before him, he didn’t fail to notice that Nora appeared to be a little restrained during the meal. It seemed like something was bothering her. How did Roel notice it, you ask? It was through her appetite, of course!

It should go without saying that the professional royal chefs wouldn’t make a mistake as basic as portioning. Even a child like Roel wouldn’t feel bloated after eating the full course. Perhaps Nora, as a girl, might not be able to eat as much as him, but there was no way she should be leaving so much good food behind.

Looking at the dessert which Nora had only eaten a spoonful from, Roel blinked his eyes in confusion.

What’s going on? I thought that girls have a separate stomach for dessert? I can still understand if she isn’t able to finish the main course, but she doesn’t have an appetite for the dessert too?

Is she on a diet? Is that even possible? I don’t think that I’ve ever heard of an obese angel before. Could it be that her stomach is feeling unwell? Uhhh, doesn’t seem too possible either. Those who possess bloodlines aren’t that weak.

Roel postulated many possibilities, but he was unable to figure out what was wrong with the girl. Taking a closer look at her face, it appeared that she was a little out of it.

“Nora, what are you thinking of?”

“Hm? Nothing at all.”

“It’s not nothing. You obviously have something on your mind. Look, you have barely eaten anything at all.”

Roel glanced at his own clean plate.

His noble etiquette forbade him from asking for seconds despite relishing each dish. So, every single time he finished his portion, he was forced to suffer the agony of salivating over the delicacies left on Nora’s plate.

Tsk tsk, the royal family sure is extravagant!

Roel was full of criticism for Nora’s lavishness of wasting such good food, but there was no way he was going to say that aloud. He couldn’t possibly put on an attitude after eating her food, right?

However, what was surprising to Roel was how Nora didn’t reveal her confident sadistic nature in response. Instead, there was a hesitant frown on her forehead, as if she was unable to find the words to describe her current feelings, or rather, this was the first time she was experiencing such a sensation.

It felt like a distortion of her bloodline, as if someone was staring at her from an unknown place. She couldn’t calm her palpitating heart at all, and unease seemed to ripple through her body. Even she herself had no idea what she was feeling so frightened of.

She had heard from her elders that possessors of the Angel Bloodline had the ability to foretell danger, but she had never experienced it before, so she had no idea whether her current feeling was a warning for danger. More importantly, she didn’t think that it was possible for any danger to come to her and Roel given the current circumstances.

She raised her head to look around her. Putting aside her personal maid, she had brought an entire platoon of royal guards together with her. Furthermore, the Ascart House also had its own platoon of guards protecting Roel too. All in all, there were at least 200 transcendents currently in the Labyrinth Villa.

The sheer military power gathered here was more than enough to form a small army, not to mention that the soldiers within this small army were all elites. The security measures were on the dot too; there were guards patrolling every nook and cranny, and sentries were stationed every here and there.

Even the rulers of smaller countries, whom Nora had met in Holy Capital Loren over the last few days, wouldn’t be able to match this army. Even if an enemy were to somehow breach all of their forces, they still had an array of magic tools to protect themselves.

The magic tools that the sole princess of the Theocracy and the sole successor of an eminent noble had were not to be scoffed at. Roel might not have had any enemies in the past, but after the affairs at the birthday banquet, Carter would surely hand him some invaluable magic tool in order to ensure his safety. It would be hard for any enemy to overcome their artifacts.

And most importantly of all, they were currently in Loren, the headquarters of the Genesis Goddess Church. This was a place that was under the tight control of the Xeclyde House. If anything were to happen to Nora and Roel, reinforcements would arrive in at most five minutes.

Nora didn’t believe that there was anyone who would be willing to pit their strength against the Theocracy directly.

“Am I thinking too much?”

Nora muttered while simultaneously placing her hand on her chest, attempting to still the pounding of her heart. She was able to reason out how irrational her fears were, but emotions weren’t that easily convinced by logic. In the end, she still decided to ask about it.

“Roel, do you have any defensive magic tool to protect yourself with?”

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“Magic tool… Ah, you must be talking about this.”

Roel reached into his clothes and took out a purple crystal pendant.

【Seere’s Guardian Stone
A magic tool created by Great Scholar Seere from the Country of Scholars, Brolne. It’s able to withstand multiple attacks from a high-level transcendent.】

This was an artifact that Carter handed over to Roel after the birthday banquet. While its ability to withstand multiple attacks from a high-level transcendent appeared to be pretty useful in combat, in truth, it was highly unlikely for one to be assassinated by high transcendents.

Those who were at Origin Level 3 and above were already the top leaders of a country. Putting aside the fact that it was unlikely for them to head out and attempt to assassinate another person, even if they did, their targets were likely to be of equally prestigious standing as themselves. Besides, they would have subordinates who specialized in assassination, and they were likely to be more skilled than them in this.

Most importantly of all though, if a high-level transcendent were to really set their eyes on them, there was no way they could escape from the other party with just a couple of magic tools.

“Yes, I’ve been wearing it all this while. Is there a problem? … Or do you suspect that we are in danger?”

Roel frowned. Given how Nora had been suffering from a poor appetite and brooding throughout the meal, he couldn’t help but think further into the matter.

Nora, on the other hand, pondered for a moment before finally revealing the unease in her heart.

“I don’t really know how to describe this feeling. It’s like I’m a prey eyed by a stronger predator, a soldier who had an arrow nocked and aimed at him, a slave who was soon to be stepped upon…”

What is with that final metaphor there?!

Roel retorted in his mind and his face twitched slightly at that bizarre comparison. However, Nora’s words also made him understand how severe the situation was.

“It’s just a feeling that I have. I don’t have any evidence backing it up, so it could have just been a whimsical mood shift, so…”

“No, I believe you.”

Nora raised her head to look at Roel with widened eyes, and she saw the graveness on his face. It was clear that he was taking her feelings very seriously.

(Affection Points +200!)

The feeling of having her unfounded worries acknowledged surprisingly embarrassed her as her face blushed furiously. She was unexpectedly happy about this.

On the other hand, Roel’s mood grew incredibly heavy.

Nora’s nervousness was definitely no joking matter. She was a possessor of the Angel Bloodline, which was known for its sharp intuition for danger. It was a feeling reminiscent of the legendary woman’s intuition. It would be foolish to brush away her unease easily.

As for evidence… was there really a need for there to be evidence every single time in order to move?

In any case, Roel immediately leaped off his chair, grabbed Nora’s hand, and began leaving the room. While taking his leave, he also quickly issued several instructions to the servants and guards, which basically consisted of tightening the security and preparing for battle at any moment. That was not all. He even grabbed the emergency communication tool of the Ascart House, readying himself to ask for reinforcement from his father and the church as soon as any danger presented itself!

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