Chapter 61: Burn This Disgrace!
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 61: Burn This Disgrace!

The silver moonlight cloaked Roel, who was sitting in a daze by the windowsill. He swung his leg lackadaisically as he looked at the ticking clock and sighed deeply.

Ey, I can’t fall asleep. I slept too long earlier in the day.

He spent two hours eating and chatting with Nora before the latter retired to a guest room to sleep. She had busied herself for the entire day, so it was only natural that she was exhausted. Roel, on the other hand, had more than enough energy to expend. So, he headed to the study and grabbed a book to read.

Fast-forwarding on, it was already midnight, but Roel still felt no inclination to sleep at all. After some thought, he decided to head out for a walk. He put on a coat before coming out of his room.

A maid on night duty immediately asked Roel if there was anything that he needed, but he shook his head in response.

“I’m just heading out for a walk. There’s no need to follow me.”

“Yes, Lord Roel.”

The maid respectfully returned back to her original position whereas Roel began strolling around the villa alone.

My house sure is big.

Roel thought as he wandered around this building which had more than a century of history behind it. As the host, it would have been customary for Roel to bring Nora around the house to take a look, but in view of the poor illumination at night, this matter had been postponed till tomorrow.

Nora had really brought quite a lot of people with her. Counting all the maids, chefs, and guards, there must be more than a hundred people. There were over twenty people on normal night duty, and this was not counting the knight platoon stationed around Nora’s room. The maid with long gray hair named Mia, the one who passed Nora the sweets container earlier, was around too.

“Young master Roel, is there anything I can help you with?”

“No, I’m fine. I’m just having difficulties trying to fall asleep, so I’m taking a walk around. Is Her Highness sleeping?”

“Yes, Her Highness has already been asleep for two hours.”

“I see.”

Roel shot a look of envy at her room. He was just about to take his leave when he suddenly recalled something.

“Right, did she manage to win the Chorale Choir Competition today?”

“Yes, Her Highness has a voice blessed by heaven. The panel of esteemed judges who came from various countries was deeply impressed.”

Mia proudly replied.

Roel nodded in response as he recalled how displeased Nora was about him not watching her competition. He pondered for a moment before asking.

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