Chapter 593.2: Silent Fortress (2)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 593.2: Silent Fortress (2)

Tark Stronghold was a mega stronghold the Saint Mesit Theocracy spent centuries constructing. It was a behemoth even on the eastern border, which had no lack of huge fortresses.

Anyone with common sense would know that a fortress with over a hundred thousand frontline soldiers would require a huge logistics team to handle the supplies. In the Sia Continent, the usual ratio of frontline soldiers to logistical soldiers numbered 1:1, meaning that Tark Stronghold could actually house two hundred thousand people.

A fortress that could house over two hundred thousand soldiers had to be humongous.

If Roel had wandered aimlessly in the underground bunkers, it could easily take days before he finally got out. Thus, he made sure to cast an illumination spell and confirm the directions before heading off with Wilhelmina.

He didn’t bother invoking the Nine-headed Serpent Staff this time, as he knew there weren’t any traps around, at least in the underground bunker.

The better Roel and Wilhelmina’s conditions were, the greater the likelihood of their catching Shrouding Fog’s attention. Knowing that time was not on their side, the two of them made haste and quickly found the path to the surface.

The two of them halted their footsteps at the bottom of a flight of stone stairs to take a brief rest.

Roel whipped out his Nine-headed Serpent Staff, the ultimate self-regenerating meat shield, whereas Wilhelmina held her sword on standby, ready to deal with any threat in their way.

The two of them scaled the stairs and found that the door leading to the surface wasn’t locked. Roel stepped forward and carefully pushed the door open.

The two of them stared intently at the expanding door crack with tense hearts, hoping that they might find hints of human activities behind the door.

Their expectations fell flat.

The world behind the door was pitch-black and silent. Other than the creaking door, there was not a sound to be heard. Roel and Wilhelmina exchanged glances before marching forward.

Soon, the two of them arrived at an i

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