Chapter 594.1: Again (1)
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Long-distance communication was extremely expensive and unreliable in the Sia Continent, partly due to mana fluctuations in the surrounding environment.

Medium-distance communication was plausible, but anything beyond that was so susceptible to disruptions that it would require an exponential increase in mana quantity and quality to properly function, which, in turn, imposed extremely high requirements on the magic tool.

Long-distance communication magic tools were highly prone to errors, but they still cost an exorbitant price of at least six digits’ worth of gold coins. For that reason, they were used only by the high nobles of each country.

Expensive, unstable, and riddled with flaws—long-distance communication magic tools were a huge hassle to deal with.

However, the Ascarts, as a military house, understood the importance of timely intelligence in war. Victory and defeat were often determined by which side first received critical news to claim the upper hand.

That was why they squeezed out money, despite how poor they were, to generously invest in the research of long-range communication magic tools. Eventually, they became the second fiefdom in the Theocracy after the Xeclydes to possess long-range communication magic tools.

As a matter of fact, Roel had made sure to establish long-range communication channels with Rose of Dawn’s members stationed in other countries, though he had never tapped into those channels before due to how expensive they were to operate.

Nevertheless, Wilhelmina, who had a secret crush on him, imprinted his contact in her mind. That was why she could immediately recognize the destination of the last transmission signal on the long-distance communication magic tool.

Roel was startled, but he wasn’t too surprised after a moment of thought.

At the time Tark Stronghold was devoured by Shrouding Fog, Nora was in the midst of awakening her Golden Bloodline and was wrestling with the Angel Sovereign for control over her body.

While Nora had kept the matter from Roel so as not to wor

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