Chapter 588.2: I Did Everything I Could (2)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 588.2: I Did Everything I Could (2)

Roel’s body, which the Mother Goddess had painstakingly enhanced, was a treasure trove in itself. His heart was not the only part that was special. Flowing through his bloodstream was the Blood Clan’s Primordial Blood, which boasted exceptional recovery prowess.

The Blood Clan was known for its longevity and high-speed healing; it was little wonder that its Progenitor’s blood essence was one of the most valuable treasures in the world. While it was unable to bring back the dead—at least when it had been diluted by Roel’s blood—it should be able to enhance Wilhelmina’s recovery ability.

Blood transfusion was much safer than organ transplantation, especially for Origin Level 1 Race Sovereigns. Their superior constitution allowed them to safely take in most bloodlines.

Roel immediately acted on it after having made up his mind.

He raised his wrist above Wilhelmina’s charred flesh and slashed it with a dagger. His blood trickled out at a surprisingly slow pace, possibly because he had lost too much blood or because his blood pressure had decreased due to only having a quarter of his heart left.

Nevertheless, the effects were magnificent.

As soon as his blood fell on Wilhelmina’s charred body, her Origin Level 1 body absorbed this sudden influx of energy right away, and it stimulated her mana. There was an immediate boost in her regenerative ability.

“This should do it…”

After allowing the blood to trickle for a few minutes, Roel fell unconscious once more.

Roel woke up again with his condition worse than before.

Even Indestructible Body struggled to heal him from the damage he had accumulated from his bloodletting and the side effects of the Crown’s Stones. His poor condition inevitably slowed his recovery rate.

It was fortunate that the absorption of the Six Calamities into his soul had granted him strong resistance against the side effects of the Crown’s Stones, so all he had to do was to grit his teeth and pull through it.

He first checked on his condition.

My cut has healed up, and the blood pool ha

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