Chapter 589.1: Making a Choice (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 589.1: Making a Choice (1)

No place in the world was fairer than the world of dreams.

It was the one thing in the world that disregarded one’s wealth, gender, and age. Whether one was living inside the royal palace or roaming the streets, resting peacefully at home or fighting an intense war on the battlefield, they could have everything they wanted in their dreams.

Dreams had a special significance on the Sia Continent, serving as a basis for divination.

Roel Ascart was currently having a dream, but it was not a dream that belonged to him. He was spectating a woman’s life from a third-person perspective.

Peering into another person’s life should have been a mystical experience, but what he saw was hardly interesting at all—boring, in fact. It was a dream based on Wilhelmina’s memories.

Much of her memories could be summarized with one word: training.

There was a fundamental limit to a person’s time and energy, so those who wished to excel in a field had to make trade-offs for it. While Wilhelmina, with her potential expanded by the Shadow Warrior Armor, grew much faster than her peers, she had to make many sacrifices for it.

Her childhood had been dull and monotonous.

The intense training she went through, at this point, had been out of coercion rather than her volition. Countless times she had dived under her blanket to stare at the hero depicted in the storybook with hands worn out with blisters and blood from her swordsmanship practice. It was not just once or twice that she had cast doubt on the so-called vow.

That sight filled Roel with guilt.

He would have never thought that while he was working hard to live a peaceful life, someone else in the distant Knight Kingdom was undergoing torturous training from a very young age to protect him.

Fortunately, this piece of memory didn’t last long, possibly because it was too distant. The girl, who had grown older in the meantime, came to affirm her will. With her maturity, she came to see how important was the mission entrusted to her. She proactively strove to grow stronger so that

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