Chapter 588.1: I Did Everything I Could (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 588.1: I Did Everything I Could (1)

Roel Ascart hated taking risks.

This fact was known to everyone around him. It was a habit he had cultivated over the years when his sole focus had been to survive his death flags. However, that wasn’t an ironclad law.

When the cost of averting danger was greater than what he could bear, he would turn into a gambler who would stake everything he had even when the chances of success were slim.

Such was the case with Wilhelmina.

He had known from the moment she muttered her final farewell that he couldn’t lose her, so he racked his brain and finally found a solution.

Even Origin Level 1 transcendents couldn’t survive after losing half their hearts, so that was a key problem Roel had to resolve if he wanted to save Wilhelmina. The only feasible solution he could think of was to transfer a portion of his heart to her through the vow.

As long as their constitutions were compatible, there was a chance that his heart, with its tremendous regeneration ability, could fuse with the remaining half of her heart and stimulate her recovery. That was the only way to drag Wilhelmina back from the Death God’s arms.

There was just one small problem: Roel couldn’t be certain that he would survive the transplant.

Half his heart had been stolen by the Deviant Sovereign in the earlier battle, and he hadn’t recovered from that blow yet. Severing a portion of his heart at this juncture was no different from courting death. It was such an insane idea that he was shocked he even thought about it.

But he still chose to go through with it after some thought.

He was willing to undertake any risk as long as he could save Wilhelmina. Besides, he wanted to trust Her and the Indestructible Body She had forged for him.

“Mother, I’m sorry… but please look after me,” he murmured.

He sliced his chest open and severed his remaining half-heart into two. The excruciating pain that followed nearly swept away his consciousness. Blood splattered over the ground and even on his face. His clear mind quickly turned groggy.

His mind began spinning

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