Chapter 52: I Firmly Reject Political Marriages!
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 52: I Firmly Reject Political Marriages!

It wasn’t uncommon for things in life to not go according to plan, and learning how to cope with them was part and parcel to navigating life’s difficulties. That being said, there were still a few events that cut exceptionally deep into one’s heart, like one’s father remarrying, or having to marry off one’s adopted sister.

Roel was only ten this year, but he had been through the vicissitudes of life. He had experienced the beauty of modern society, as well as the extravagant life of a noble in an era of feudalism. Despite his appearance as a cute little boy, he already had the mentality of a forty-year-old father.

Thus, when he heard that Alicia was going to do ‘bridal studies’, he was utterly floored. He had actually forgotten that such a day would come when Alicia would have to be married off.

Roel was no longer living in the modern era anymore. This was a world plagued with disease and war, where most countries would never reach their optimum population. In response, countries naturally encouraged more childbirth. The Theocracy, as the moral compass of human society, had many teachings encouraging childbirth too.

Due to this, the people in this world tended to marry at a young age, similar to how it was in the Middle Ages in Roel’s previous world. It was perfectly normal for girls of 14 or 15 years to be mothers. It was common for nobles to take it slightly slower, but most noblewomen still married and gave birth by 17 or 18 even so. Any woman who remained single beyond 20 would be considered a spinster, or using a more common term in Roel’s previous world, an old maid.

Of course, this standard only applied to ordinary people; transcendents followed another set of rules. Transcendents would undergo some physical changes, due to the assimilation of mana. This would result in their lifespan increasing or decreasing by some degree. So, it depended on context. Nevertheless, most nobles were already grandparents by the time they were in their fifties.

In this world, childbirth was viewed as a blessing rather than a b

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