Chapter 53: We’re Similar to One Another
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 53: We’re Similar to One Another

Roel didn’t think that it was right for him to allow Nora to take sole responsibility for this matter. He was equally guilty. In truth, it should have been the three of them—Nora, Bron, and Roel—forming three separate factions to lead the youths, but due to the negligence of two of the parties, as well the Elrics’ intentional scheming, it eventually led to the rise of the Elric Youth Faction.

Having thought through this matter, he began to counsel Nora.

“I do have a part to play in this matter too. If I hadn’t fallen ill the previous year, things wouldn’t have turned out like this. It’s not your sole mistake, so you need not blame yourself over much.”


Roel’s words didn’t receive any response at all. He waited for two whole seconds before he turned to direct a puzzled look at Nora.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you responding?”

“No, it’s nothing much. I’m just a little surprised. I didn’t think that you would console me.”

“… I’m just speaking the truth.”

Nora’s sapphire eyes stared deeply into Roel’s golden ones as she tried to peer through the inner thoughts in his mind. There was always an indescribable contradiction behind Roel’s actions. His actions and behaviors showed that he carried no ill-will for her. In fact, she believed that he had a high opinion of her. Yet, for some reason, there seemed to be an inexplicable distance separating the two of them.

What is the reason behind this?

As Little Miss Angel pondered over this question, she suddenly seemed to have found yet another spark of joy in Roel.

(Affection Points +100!)

“By the way, where’s Alicia? I thought that she would have accompanied you. Is she resting?”

Nora casually glanced around the room as she dropped this question, only to be surprised by Roel’s silence. It took a while before the latter finally squeezed out a bitter response.

“Alicia is currently taking home economics classes. I didn’t ask her for details. Ha. Haha.”

Thinking about the ‘bridal studies’ that Alicia was currently going through, Roel let out a series of strained laughter. That brought a doubtful look to Nora’s face. Even from the perspective of an outsider, she could tell that Alicia was very fond of Roel, so it didn’t seem likely that she would choose her lessons over accompanying him.

Wait a moment. Now that I think of it, while I was walking through the foyer earlier, I noticed a series of sparks of magic spells coming from the southwest room… I see. Is she practicing?

Comprehension flickered across Nora’s eyes. She took a look at the forlorn Roel sitting before her and, after some thought, eventually shook her head.

Forget it. It’ll be better for the person-in-question to explain it herself. It’s bad manners to interfere in the relations of others. Besides, it’s not to my advantage either…

Nora shot Roel with the sharp look of an eagle eyeing its prey, but she immediately concealed it.

This is bad. It’s still too early to reveal my true desires to him.

Ahhh, I really want to step on him and see him pleading for mercy. Is this the feeling that criminals feel before sinning?

Nora looked at Roel, who seemed to be getting warier and warier after noticing her gaze, and she wondered if he was an incubus sent from the devils of hell to tempt her into depravity. Or could this be Sia’s trial for her? Whenever her eyes fell upon Roel, her desire to bully him would grip her thoughts hard.

“You really are a danger to me.”


Noticing that the nature of the gaze the blushing Nora was directing toward him was becoming weirder and weirder, Roel panicked. He was still recuperating from his injuries, and Nora was an entire level stronger than him. If she were to succumb to her sadistic tendencies, he would be completely helpless to stop her.

“Your Highness Nora, please! Take a deep breath and control yourself. Haven’t you gotten through fine thus far? I believe that you can overcome your own desires, so you should believe in yourself too!”

“You dare say such words when you are the one seducing me.”


How in the world am I seducing you? Tell me, I’ll change!

Roel’s face puffed-up red with fury, but his reaction only seemed to deepen the depravity lurking in Nora’s eyes. She leaned in and placed her hand softly on the boy’s chest, speaking in a sensual, deep tone.

“Have you considered what I told you?”

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Nora’s abrupt touch made Roel stiffen up, and his reply was equally stiff. Nora giggled softly at his reaction.

“Becoming mine, of course. What do you think about becoming my subordinate and spending every day with me?”

“Hahaha, you sure know how to jest. I have to take over the Ascart House too, you know.”

“Is there any conflict between the two? Uncle Carter is a marquess, but he’s the vice commander of the Holy Knight Order too.”

“My father is a strong and competent man, so he’s able to juggle those two responsibilities. I’m afraid that I’m incapable of managing that. You are also aware that I’m lacking as a transcendent. There’s a good chance that I’ll never be able to reach Origin Level 5 in my lifetime.

“… An army doesn’t just consist of soldiers who fight. Many of our advisors aren’t powerful transcendents too.”

Nora proposed another possible path that Roel could take in the army, but Roel had no intention of having any deeper ties with her than he already had. He would rather return to the fiefdom and become a farmer instead.

“My apologies, but I refuse. It’s too dangerous for me.”

“What an obstinate person you are. Sometimes, I really can’t understand why you keep trying to push me away. Our paths are bound to intersect with our backgrounds. Before our common enemy, the Elrics, don’t you think that it’s best for both of our houses if we get more intimate with one another?”

“My deepest apologies, but I feel nothing for you. Your Highness Nora, why don’t you pick someone else instead?”

“You console me when I’m feeling down, yet you claim that you don’t want to get closer to me?”

“T-that is…”

Roel stuttered on his words as he found himself unable to justify the action he made on a whim earlier. Seeing this, a seductive smile surfaced on Nora’s seemingly pure face. She narrowed her eyes mischievously, enjoying this situation very much.

“Your inner conflict amuses me. Don’t you think that we are very similar to one another?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re trying to hold yourself back from getting close to me, and I’m trying to suppress my desires so as not to approach you. It’s the same inner conflict that we both face. It’s almost like a competition to see who drowns first.”

Nora’s words made Roel widen his eyes. He tried to look into his heart to see how it was that he truly felt, and it finally dawned on him.

To him, Nora wasn’t just a beautiful princess, the lofty high flower that none could approach. More than that, she represented hope.

Humans would face all sorts of trouble during their lifetime. From time to time, they would feel an inclination to seek help and be protected by others. To Roel, the death flags had been a towering mountain that he struggled to surmount, such that he dared not rest at all. In the process of plucking out his death flags, it was inevitable that he would feel exhausted and want to give up.

And Nora seemed to be a quick solution to the problems he was facing.

She had the power, money, and influence to protect him. If he was willing to give up his independence for survival, going along with Nora would have been a very feasible course of action. She was a sadist—no doubt about that—but she was someone who knew how to treat those whom she cared for very well. In the game, she was known to be an excellent leader.

But even so, Roel was someone who believed in seizing fate with his own hands. He didn’t want to give up his initiative to take on a more passive role. He felt that he would stand to lose many things if he chose this option. It could be his fiefdom, his fortune, or maybe the people who he cared about; he didn’t know exactly which it would be, but he didn’t want to risk it.

After a long bout of contemplation, Roel finally revealed his decision.

“Drown? Sorry to disappoint you, but I choose to remain afloat.”

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