Chapter 472.3: Silent Agreement (3)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 472.3: Silent Agreement (3)

“You met someone inside that mysterious abyss?”

“Yes, but it was only for a brief instant. I could only see a pair of golden eyes. It could also be a hallucination too considering the state I was in.”


Lilian fell silent after hearing Roel’s story.

By themselves, the pair of golden eyes Roel saw didn’t bear much significance. However, the fact that he encountered them in the abyss that was suspected to be the Savior’s land of sealing clearly pointed to something.

“… Could this be a protective measure from our ancestors?” Roel suggested with a frown.

“Possible. Portas Eye is a divine relic of the Fallens; I can’t imagine the Ardes, who view the Fallens as their mortal enemies, not having any measures against it. This should be one of them,” replied Lilian.

Just thinking about the malevolent aura he had encountered in the abyss was enough to give Roel the creeps. The brief moment he had spent in the abyss surrounded by the aura of depravity had inflicted considerable mental damage on him. Be it the aura of depravity or the separation of his soul from his body, he had never encountered anything like these in his previous battles. It would be a lie if he said that he wasn’t intimidated.

He had once overcome the depraved whispers coming from the Fallens with his Crown Origin Attribute, which made him severely underestimate the Fallens’ ability to tamper with his psyche. From the looks of it now, he understood that it was foolish of him to get complacent just because his Crown Origin Attribute offered him some degree of immunity. He had to be particularly wary of the ancient Fallens who had survived through the ages.

Roel’s nervousness was transmitted to Lilian via their interlocked hands, so she squeezed his hand in reassurance. Sensing her squeeze, Roel turned to look at her, only to feel a sudden warmth on his lips before he could say a word.


Roel was initially surprised by Lilian’s sudden peck on his lips, but he soon noticed the pained and conscience-stricken look on her face.

“I’m sorry. You were exposed to such

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