Chapter 473.1: Tree Heart (1)
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What is one thing that you absolutely can’t tolerate?

If Roel had to answer that question, it would be someone doing something detrimental to Lilian, especially if it was the deed of an enemy.

Come at me if you want, but don’t you dare go for my wife.

It was still premature for Roel to say those words, but the rough meaning was there… though he would want to change some of the phrasings to better fit his style.

Come at me if you want, but I’ll smash your head like a watermelon if you dare go for my wife.

Similar to how Roel had become more protective of Lilian along with the deepening of his feelings, it was the same for Lilian too. Ever since their encounter with physical intimacy, her urge to protect Roel became stronger than ever.

“While I’m delighted that your wish to avenge me, strictly speaking, I should be the one protecting you instead. This is the rules of the academy.”

“I’m not a member of the main team but a student who happened to stumble here, so I’m afraid that I’m not under your jurisdiction. Besides, this encounter can be considered as an extension of what happened at the eastern border. I failed to handle it well…”

Roel recalled his encounter with the Collector and felt self-reproach. Seeing that, Lilian raised his hand and pulled it toward her chest.

“The conflict between the Ascarts and the Fallens started more than a thousand years ago. In the Second Epoch, the Ardes and the Fallens were mutual nemeses. It’s only a matter of time before I encounter them even if you didn’t catch their attention. This is a grudge buried in both of our bloodlines.”

“… Indeed.”

Roel nodded in agreement with Lilian’s explanation. It lifted his mood a little, but he soon recalled a few other matters.

“Now that I think about it, it’s curious how the Fallen didn’t use the disappearance spell on me. I wonder if there’s some special reason behind that.”

“If that’s what you’re wondering about, the disappearance spell doesn’t work on you.”

“It doesn’t work on me?”

“Yes. It seems to be due to our bloodline.”

Following that

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