Chapter 22: The Differences in Origin Attribute
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 22: The Differences in Origin Attribute

Realizing that Roel was completely clueless about this matter, Carter began to explain in detail what the evolution of a transcendent entailed.

First and foremost, he explained the concept of magicians to Roel. While the common populace referred to all transcendents as magicians, it wasn’t in line with how transcendents tended to identify themselves.

To draw a parallel, it was just like how the word ‘worker’ could refer to a bricklayer, a farmer, a maid, or simply anyone who worked. Hardly anyone in their right mind would introduce themselves with a ‘Hello, I am working as a worker’ when talking about their occupation.

“The way transcendents refer to their own power is to first identify their Origin Attribute, followed by their Origin Level, and finally their Evolution Pathway. For example, the more formal way to refer to the Holy Aura Warriors in the Holy Capital would be Compassion Origin L 3, Light Guardian.”


“Yes, that’s their Origin Attribute. It’s basically the nature of their power, which, in turn, determines the Evolution Pathways available to them.”

Carter had to spend quite a bit of effort educating his son, before Roel finally understood the meaning of Origin Attribute clearly.

There were originally no pathways in the world. It’s roads that have been trodden by many that eventually came to be known as pathways.

This was a saying by a famous individual in the previous world Roel lived in, and it basically summarized what the so-called Origin Attribute in this world meant.

Acquire greater power and transcend mortality, this had been the goal of all lifeforms since the First Epoch. It all started from a time far beyond the records of any historians, and it was only through the hymns sung through the ages that traces of that time could still be found.

There were those who failed, but conversely, there were those who succeeded too. Thankfully, there was one thing that those who succeeded would usually do, and that was to record down the path that they had taken, so that the generations ahead can benefit from their experiences. This was also the most primitive form of Origin Attribute.

Origin Attribute could be understood as a safer route to achieving evolution. It allowed those who were still fumbling around to swiftly join the ranks of the transcendents and slowly climb their way up relying on the successes of the predecessors.

“Father, how many Origin Attributes are there in the world?”

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