Chapter 21: Young Master, Choose True Love
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 21: Young Master, Choose True Love

It was the first time since obtaining the System that Roel saw it flooding out notifications.

While holding his beloved sister tightly in his arms, he found his sight completely blinded by a frenzied outpour of green light. In just ten short seconds, he had already received 20 notifications.

Holy moly! This payout of Affection Points is almost enough to match the combined total I earned throughout the past month! Furthermore, it’s one thing for Alicia to go green… but why the hell is Anna going green as well?

Roel looked at his personal maid with question marks floating around his head.

While he was feeling confused about the bewildering situation, Anna was feeling deeply moved to see that the ship she had been rooting for all this while was finally moving forward.

As expected, such true love only exists between our young master and young miss. No matter how great the princess might be, she’ll never prevail in the face of true love!

The fanatic shipper, Anna, had actually been feeling quite uneasy too since Nora’s departure. Nora’s perfection left a lasting impression, not just on Alicia, but on the servants of the manor as well.

In terms of looks, both had their own strengths and charms, but Nora had a crushing victory in terms of background. On top of that, she had displayed formidable attack power earlier in the foyer as possible rival material. It was more than enough to rattle the hearts of the Roel X Alicia shippers.

They knew instinctively that there would soon come the rise of a rivaling power known as the ‘Roel X Nora Ship’, and perhaps, even the old master himself might have chosen to defect to that faction!

However, Anna decided to stand firm in her faith. She’d clasped her hands tightly together as she affirmed her beliefs in those two children again and again.

It was not without reason that Anna had such a deep attachment to the Roel X Alicia Ship. True love was simply hard to come by in this world, especially among nobles. Marriages were often pegged with a price tag, and couples were forced to marry one another without even meeting beforehand. To some, the freedom to love could be the most valuable and unreachable thing to them in the world.

Young master, I know that Nora is a perfect princess, and the Ascart House will rise to greater heights under the support of the royal family, but none of this measures up to the value of true love! You have to grasp your own happiness with your own hands, just like the old master!

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