Chapter 23: Who Am I Supposed To Be Accompanying Again?
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 23: Who Am I Supposed To Be Accompanying Again?

The Country of Scholars, Brolne.

This was a place that Roel was extremely familiar with, since it was where the plot first started in the game he played in his previous world.

It was a country that was reminiscent of an academy, filled with the smartest of scholars, who gathered together to make breakthroughs in their research, and young students, who had come to advance their studies. It was a place that was overflowing with the vibrance of youth.

In his previous world, Roel wouldn’t bother thinking too deeply into the history or purpose behind a location inside a game, but through Carter’s explanation, he was able to get a rough idea as to just how powerful Brolne was.

“To actually be able to form a country… Are the Scholar Guilds really that powerful?”

“It’s not just a couple of Scholar Guilds we’re talking about here; Brolne has the backing of almost all major Scholar Guilds! As its focus is on research, its rules are significantly laxer, and it’s on friendly terms with its neighboring countries too. It has managed to make a name for itself as the world’s education hub, a place for countries to send their talents for nurturing.”

Speaking to here, Carter took a look at Roel and Alicia and smiled.

“The two of you will be heading there in the future too. I hope that you can enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime school life there.”

“Lord Father, you studied there before too?”

Alicia, who had long ago stopped crying, asked out of curiosity.

Carter looked into the distance with nostalgic remembrance, as he nodded his head and replied.

“Of course, that’s where I graduated from. It was during my time there that I chose Brolne’s Wisdom, instead of the Theocracy’s Compassion. My time there has had a profound effect on my life.”

As the head of the Ascart House reminisced about his past wistfully, Alicia’s eyes twinkled in excitement, and she began to look forward to her time in Brolne. As for Roel… well, his face had already turned as pale as a sheet of paper.

Studying at Brolne? You must be kidding me! That’s not going to school but leaping right into the blade of a guillotine!

Dad, do you know just how many elites on this continent are out for your son’s head? If you really want to send me there, you might as well just prepare my gravesite beforehand too!

Roel had hundreds of complaints about this matter, but he couldn’t voice them aloud. He could only force himself to put on a strained smile.

Soon, Carter snapped back to the present and continued his explanation.

“If the scholars form one huge coalition of transcendents, the other huge coalition would be the knights.”

“Knight Kingdom, Pendor.”

“Exactly. Knights have different possible Evolution Pathways too, but they have fewer guilds since the changes that occur to them tend to be more individualistic. The royal family of Pendor is the head of the largest guild, governing the core secrets behind Courage.”

Roel nodded silently to his father’s words as he understood some of the deeper meaning implied.

Basically speaking, Origin Attributes were key technologies to each country, the secret sustaining their strength. As long as they continued to dominate the secrets of evolution, they would be able to nurture future generations of powerful transcendents.

And the Xeclyde House, with the further augmentation of their bloodline, could produce even more powerful transcendents.

Darn! Is it too late for me to bootlick Nora now?

For a moment there, Roel seriously considered whether he should just sacrifice his body and become a pet, but he quickly dropped the idea. Considering the fact that this world didn’t have organizations like PETA, he felt that it would still be best to rely on himself!

“Father, what is my Origin Attribute then?”

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“An Origin Attribute is obtained through a ceremony that requires one to be at Origin Level 5. You’re still Origin Level 7, where most of the fundamental spells are common use. You don’t need an Origin Attribute.”


In other words, I’m too weak that no one wants me. I get it.

Roel supplemented in his mind, but the truth was that he was also relieved by the fact he didn’t have an Origin Attribute too.

Based on what he had heard thus far, it didn’t seem like it would be possible to switch from one Origin Attribute to another, so it would be dangerous if he already had an Origin Attribute that wasn’t suitable for him.

He couldn’t help but recall how the System had scanned his body before replacing the Gold Coin Shop’s stock with all sorts of dark and sinister enhancement tools to ‘match’ his needs. Judging by that, his constitution was probably as incompatible to the angel’s Compassion and knight’s Courage as one could get.

Of the Three Main Origin Attributes, the only one that stood any hope was Wisdom, but what was more likely to be a fit for him were the heretics’ Origin Attributes. But, if he were to go down that path, he would have to make sure to tread carefully.

Ordinary heretics would only be exiled once caught, but if he was found to have ties with some evil cult, there was a chance that he could be executed as an accomplice. This was especially relevant to him since the original Roel had been a member of an evil cult.

In order to avoid his death flags, this was something that Roel would have to be extremely careful about.

But thinking about it, it would still be best for him not to go to Brolne in the first place. Why in the world did he have to go there to meet the male lead and female leads anyway? It would be so much better to stay right here at the Ascart House and enjoy a blissful life of luxury!

“Father, you know the circumstances surrounding me, and I have no interest in the power of transcendents either. I just want to rule over this fiefdom well. Do I really have to go to Brolne?” Roel tried asking.

The face of the excited Alicia immediately crumbled, and Carter also shook his head right away.

“You have to go.”

“Why is that so?”

“Brolne does provide training for transcendents, but it also provides the core education needed by those making their way in the circle of nobles. The education that you have been through thus far would allow you to pass the examinations with ease, but what’s important here are not your academic results but rather the identity of a graduate and the friends that you would make there.”

Carter took a sip of tea as he spoke.

“Saint Freya Academy; that’s the place you’ll be going to. It’s the academy where the most talented youths across the Sia Continent gather. The successors to major noble houses of different countries would all be there. As the successor to one of the Theocracy’s Five Eminent Noble Houses, you’ll have to graduate from the academy for the sake of your own reputation.

“As a noble, knowing how to socialize is important, but the friends you make through clinking wine glasses at banquets cannot be compared with classmates who have spent their youth together with you. You might not understand it right now, but you’ll understand once you grow up.”

Roel agreed deeply with Carter’s second point. The bonds that were forged at a young age tended to be simpler and purer. Whereas, as adults, there were far too many external factors at play that the innocence of friendship was lost.

“There’s still one last key reason that you have to head to Saint Freya Academy, and that is…”

Carter placed down his teacup and looked at his son with a smile.

“… you need to accompany Her Highness Nora.”


Roel, who had been calm all this while, found his face twisting in shock upon hearing those words.

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