Chapter 23: Who Am I Supposed To Be Accompanying Again?
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 23: Who Am I Supposed To Be Accompanying Again?

The Country of Scholars, Brolne.

This was a place that Roel was extremely familiar with, since it was where the plot first started in the game he played in his previous world.

It was a country that was reminiscent of an academy, filled with the smartest of scholars, who gathered together to make breakthroughs in their research, and young students, who had come to advance their studies. It was a place that was overflowing with the vibrance of youth.

In his previous world, Roel wouldn’t bother thinking too deeply into the history or purpose behind a location inside a game, but through Carter’s explanation, he was able to get a rough idea as to just how powerful Brolne was.

“To actually be able to form a country… Are the Scholar Guilds really that powerful?”

“It’s not just a couple of Scholar Guilds we’re talking about here; Brolne has the backing of almost all major Scholar Guilds! As its focus is on research, its rules are significantly laxer, and it’s on friendly terms with its neighboring countries too. It has managed to make a name for itself as the world’s education hub, a place for countries to send their talents for nurturing.”

Speaking to here, Carter took a look at Roel and Alicia and smiled.

“The two of you will be heading there in the future too. I hope that you can enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime school life there.”

“Lord Father, you studied there before too?”

Alicia, who had long ago stopped crying, asked out of curiosity.

Carter looked into the distance with nostalgic remembrance, as he nodded his head and replied.

“Of course, that’s where I graduated from. It was during my time there that I chose Brolne’s Wisdom, instead of the Theocracy’s Compassion. My time there has had a profound effect on my life.”

As the head of the Ascart House reminisced about his past wistfully, Alicia’s eyes twinkled in excitement, and she began to look forward to her time in Brolne. As for Roel… well, his face had already turned as pale as a sheet of paper.

Studying at Brolne? You must be kidding me! That’s not going to school

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