Chapter 24: You Were Born In the Wrong Year
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 24: You Were Born In the Wrong Year

“What are you so shocked about? You’re the same age as Her Highness Nora, so it goes without saying that you’ll be going to the academy together with her.”

“No, I get that, but what do you mean by I’ll have to accompany her?”

Roel asked with a pale face.

After Carter’s explanation, Roel finally understood what was going on. While Saint Freya Academy was a place to learn, the students gathered there were nobles from different countries, so it was inevitable that they would form cliques with those from the same country.

Nora, as the princess of the Theocracy, couldn’t possibly be left alone and isolated. So, the nobles who were of the same age as Nora would all be attending Saint Freya Academy together. The plan was to improve their clout and avoid being bullied by others.

To put it simply, it was basically just them protecting their royalty.

There was no explicit rule saying that the nobles should perform this duty, but everyone would do so anyway. It was a good opportunity to get close to the princess… and it was free.

As the most prestigious academy in all of Brolne, Saint Freya Academy’s enrollment fees were exorbitant, even by the standards of nobility. Some of the lesser houses wouldn’t be able to fork out the money for their children to enroll there. However, in the year that Nora was enrolling, the royal family would be providing scholarships for students who were going to attend Saint Freya Academy.

I know that life is tough, but as adults, it’s our responsibility to pave the way for the next generation! Education is a must!

Have you heard of Saint Freya Academy? It’s the greatest academy of the entire Sia Continent, the best education that your child can get! Don’t worry, I know that you’re poor, so I’ll fork out money for your children to go to school!

Oh right, it just so happens that our princess will be attending that school this year too. Ahahaha, what a coincidence, right? Cough cough… You get what I’m saying, right?

It was at this point that those poor nobles would humbly accept the generous donatio

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