Chapter 76 - The Might of the Hawkwolf Guard
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 76 - The Might of the Hawkwolf Guard

“A Hawkwolf guard!” Lü Tingrui cried out. Chu Xin finally stopped smiling, while Wei Dandong’s face became sheet-white. Wan Hao’s straightened back seemed to shirk back slightly.

Only then did Li Qingshan notice sir Feng’s attire. As expected, it was much more majestic than the fakes that he was wearing. The part that stood out the most was indeed the iron wolf tablet that hung on his waist. It was just like the wolf on his clothes. The tablet was not large, but it shone brightly. It was ten times more dazzling than the staff stabbed into the ground.

Liu Hong and hall chief Wu followed behind. Looking at the restaurant full of people, they all felt surprised. In just half a month, so many masters had been drawn over here. Qingyang city had never been so busy before.

Liu Hong gazed at the staff deeply, once again confirming that the news he received was not fake. He thought, Li Qingshang, oh Li Qingshan. You are impressive. Unfortunately, a Hawkwolf guard is here today. Even if you’re a dragon, you’ll have to stay coiled. Even if you’re a tiger, you’ll have to remain crouching.

Wan Hao said, “Even the Hawkwolf guards plan on interfering with a conflict of the jianghu like this?”

Chu Xin smiled bitterly. “Sir, you’re already an innate master, so why must you contend with us? What did this hall chief Wu offer you? Feel free to state it. I won’t bargain at all.”

Before Lü Tingrui and Wei Dandong could say anything, sir Feng spoke. His voice was high-pitched and sharp, but his words were even sharper than his voice. “All of you, piss off!”

Everyone’s expressions changed. A storm seemed to be brewing in the entire restaurant from his single sentence.

Hall chief Wu added by borrowing the Hawkwolf guard’s might, “Sir Feng wants you to piss off. Haven’t you heard him?”

Li Qingshan frowned as well. How arrogant of this Hawkwolf guard. With his eyes that had been awakened by oxen tears, he could tell that while this sir Feng was stronger than everyone present, he was not unfathomably powerful.

If these first-rate masters work

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