Chapter 75 - Innate Master
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 75 - Innate Master

Hall chief Wu rejoiced. Fortunately, he had not gone alone. He desired the spiritual ginseng even more now. As long as he ingested the spiritual ginseng and broke through to the innate realm, the Iron Fist school would gain a protector, protector Wu. Even if he faced sir Feng of the Hawkwolf Guard again, he no longer needed to behave so submissively.

Sir Feng smiled. “He has got some skill. This kid is only fifteen?”

“Yes. He will be sixteen once the new year arrives. He must be going to the Qingyang restaurant right now.” Liu Hong had made some investigations himself. He was afraid of infuriating sir Feng, so he did not directly tell him that Li Qingshan had refused to come.

“All of the masters should be gathered there right now. Interesting.”

Li Qingshan had already entered the Qingyang restaurant. The entire restaurant no longer had a single customer. It seemed to be divided into a few groups that opposed one another.

Even though the entire restaurant had heard the news that he had killed the Mad Monk, they still felt utterly shocked when they saw him carrying the Mad Monk’s renowned weapon, the Mad Demon staff.

Li Qingshan looked around. There were only four people that he paid attention to.

They were a one-armed old man who carried a large blade on his back, a middle-aged madam with a sunken face, a chuckling wealthy man, and a sickly-pale scholar who carried a sword.

If someone who frequented the jianghu was present, they would definitely pale in fright if they were in Li Qingshan’s shoes.

Don’t tell me that Wan Hao is the sect master Wan Hao of the Wild Blade sect? He is known as the One-armed Blade King in the jianghu, and he killed the Eighteen Cavalry of Fierce Wind with a single arm and a single blade, making a name for himself in Xiasha city. And that Wei Dandong, he must be the Wei Dandong who originated from Humble Maple academy; he is known as the Life-taking Scholar within the jianghu. His Thirteen Swords of Life-taking has attained perfection.

As for that Chu Xin and Lü Tingrui, they’re even more i

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