Chapter 74 - Killing Void Butcherer
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 74 - Killing Void Butcherer

Void Butcherer was complacent from succeeding with his scheme, but his expression soon changed. Li Qingshan knelt in the rubble on one knee, gripping the buddhist staff firmly with his left hand. No matter how hard Void Butcherer pulled, the staff refused to budge.

It seemed like the staff had blown Li Qingshan away, but he had actually extended his hand and grabbed the weapon at a critical juncture before slamming into the wall with the staff. Even if regular second-rate masters could react in such a manner, they would still suffer injuries. However, Li Qingshan was virtually unscathed thanks to the toughness of his body.

Although he lacked battle experience, he was a true battle genius. His reaction and tactics in battle were all the best of the best.

“You’re looking to die!” Void Butcherer sniggered extremely viciously.

Li Qingshan felt a powerful inner force emerge from the staff, rushing into his body wildly.

A battle of inner force was the most dangerous trial of strength people of the jianghu could go through. The person who could not last any longer and drew back their inner force first would have inner force assault the interior of their bodies, bursting their danitan and ruining their veins and meridians. It would only end in death.

Void Butcherer was confident that the inner force he had cultivated through several decades of strenuous effort was not something Li Qingshan could oppose. In his eyes, Li Qingshan was just a conceited idiot. Li Qingshan had already surprised him quite a bit by not spurting blood and dying in the first moment, so he increased his input of inner force.

In terms of strength, Void Butcherer’s inner force did indeed exceed Li Qingshan’s. Li Qingshan felt a stream enter his body. This stream was much more impure than true qi, so Li Qingshan knew it was inner force. However, within the impurity was a sliver of clarity. Void Butcherer had almost reached the innate realm. He was only a step away from converting his inner force into true qi.

However, the issue was that Li Qingshan’s tr

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