Chapter 77 - Scarlet Wolf Commander
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 77 - Scarlet Wolf Commander

“Alright, alright, alright!” Sir Feng said, “I won’t kill you today, but I will sever the tendons of your arms and hands and take you back to the Hawkwolf gaol for ‘treatment’!”

The Hawkwolf gaol!

Even hall chief Wu, who had come with sir Feng, shuddered when he heard these two words. The Hawkwolf gaol was the in-house jail of the Hawkwolf Guard. They used it for interrogating confessions out of criminals. It was rumored that they possessed a hundred and eight different methods of torture, and not a single person had managed to survive more than ten. Even the tough men of the jianghu would have their minds crushed to pieces, kneeling on the ground and begging them for a quick death.

Li Qingshan’s hand reached towards the Cursive Sword Calligraphy on his back. He was already ready to use force. Everything had happened suddenly, and with how arrogant sir Feng was, it would be useless even if he ate the spiritual ginseng now.

With his Cursive Sword Calligraphy, he might have an opportunity to kill this person here and now. He had seen a few spiritual artifacts so far, and none of them could compare to the one he currently possessed. However, he was not completely confident. Even first-rate masters had their own trump cards, so what kind of trump card would an innate master who originated from a major organisation possess?

“Governance of Legalism—Blade Aura of the Death Sentence!”

Sir Feng’s bearing changed. He raised his blade over his head, and the light on the blade condensed into a blade aura three feet in length.

The death sentence referred to execution as well as the penalty of death.

Before the blade had even moved, a bearing, a desolate aura that had transcended martial arts struck Li Qingshan’s mind violently. He felt like he was a person on the death row, having reached the end of his path, kneeling on the execution platform with his eyes closed and waiting for the blade to fall and take his life. He was unable to even muster the will to resist.

Even if regular first-rate masters could maintain their willpowe

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