Chapter 67 - Assassination of the Flying Sword
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 67 - Assassination of the Flying Sword

Yang Anzhi looked at the hall full of corpses. The legacy of the Dragon’s Gate sect had actually ended in his hands in the blink of an eye.

This was because Li Qingshan had only been a weakling in his eyes that day. Against weaklings, it was not called provoking but making things difficult for them. However, today, he had become the one who had things made difficult.

Clashing with Xiao An, Yang Anzhi had instead managed to evade death, allowing him to avoid Li Qingshan’s full-powered lunge. Otherwise, if Li Qingshan managed to unleash his move, he was confident of seeing just what colour Yang Anzhi’s heart would be. As for Xiao An, he had instantly killed over a dozen people and repelled Yang Anzhi’s sword, so he was spent as well. He was unable to pursue immediately.

“Father, save me!” Yang Jun looked at the two ‘monsters’ that were inches away and no longer possessed any of his haughtiness anymore. He extended his hand towards Yang Anzhi for help in complete fear.

However, Yang Anzhi showed no intentions of stopping. He shot towards the back of the hall in a flash. He could have more sons, but he only had a single life. He cut his losses decisively in an extremely vicious manner.

Despair immediately overwhelmed Yang Jun. He closed his eyes and only felt a gust of wind blow past him, but he felt no pain. He opened his eyes again, and all he saw was Li Qingshan and Xiao An ignoring him completely, shooting past him and chasing after Yang Anzhi.

Yang Anzhi’s movement technique was impressive. Once he managed to get far away, catching up to him would be difficult.

Spared, Yang Jun immediately moved his feet, running madly towards the exit, completely disregarding his heavy clothes that had become drenched in sweat. He constantly chanted inside, I have to get revenge! Revenge!

Spurt! A bone hand stabbed his back and pierced him all the way through. Yang Jun looked at his chest in disbelief before staggering a few steps forwards and collapsing with a thud.

As it turned out, Xiao An had seen how Yang Jun wanted to flee.

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