Chapter 68 - A Quick Trip
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 68 - A Quick Trip

As soon as Yang Anzhi had taken a step, he collapsed on the ground like lightning had struck him, and he trembled all over. Blood oozed out from every single pore of his body. Before long, he had become drenched in blood.

The sharp sword qi did not distinguish between friend or foe. Li Qingshan remained unscathed because of the true qi protecting his body. Yang Anzhi had only practised inner force, which was qualitatively different from true qi, so it was unable to stop the sword qi.

The entire ancestral hall began to creak. Dust and wood chips drifted down. The sword qi had destroyed the entire structure, so it was about to collapse.

With tonnes of wood and earth falling down, even Li Qingshan was afraid of biting off more than he could chew. “Xiao An, leave quickly!” However, he directly charged towards Yang Anzhi.

The violent collapse of the ancestral hall could be heard from over five kilometers away. Dust blanketed the entire Dragon's Gate sect, immediately alarming all of the disciples standing guard. They all rushed up the mountain and made their way over.

The main hall at the front was shrouded in dust. Li Qingshan’s figure appeared, holding a heart.

Xiao An lowered his head in shame. If it were not for him, who had forcefully received Yang Anzhi’s attack earlier, he would have never had the chance to flee to the ancestral hall, and Li Qingshan would have never risked so much danger.

Li Qingshan rubbed Xiao An’s head. “It’s fine!” He was just like a father spoiling his child, an elder brother doting on his younger brother.

The two polar opposite bearings of brutality and warmth appeared on him simultaneously. It was extremely conflicting yet also making perfect sense.

With the Tiger Demon Digs out the Heart, he had retrieved the hearts of over a dozen masters of the Dragon’s Gate sect. After Xiao An absorbed them, the flames in his eye sockets became much brighter. Whether it be his strength or his speed, they had both increased substantially. He progressed so rapidly that it truly lived up to its name as a

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