Chapter 66 - Instantly Slaughtering the Dragon’s Gate Sect
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 66 - Instantly Slaughtering the Dragon’s Gate Sect

Yang Anzhi’s expression changed drastically. He actually failed to sense Li Qingshan’s arrival at all. When Li Qingshan raised his feet and took a step, there was no longer any clumsiness like before. Instead, it was light and gentle like a feline creature’s steps.

The other elders were still wondering who he was. Yang Jun roared out, “Li Qingshan!”

Everyone stood up and drew their swords at the same time. All of them tried to get in a word in a messy manner. “What are the disciples on post doing?” “How did you get here?” “Who else is there?” “All of you, come out!”

“You don’t have to worry about how I got here. I’ve come alone today!” Li Qingshan looked around and saw many people he did not recognise, so he said, “I’ve come today just to deal with the chief culprit. The others are welcome to leave the hall. I’ll give you ten minutes.” He turned to the side and cleared the way out of the hall, but what answered him was a series of swishes from drawing swords from sheaths. The cold gleam of the swords flickered constantly.

The disciplinary elder said, “You really are looking for your own doom, aren’t you? You’ve actually infiltrated the mountain alone. Do you really think our Dragon’s Gate sect can be trifled with that easily?” He was responsible for punishment and was known for his coldness in the Dragon’s Gate sect. He looked at Li Qingshan like one of the disciples who had ended up in his hands.

“Kill him! He’s the great enemy of our Dragon’s Gate sect!” “If it weren’t for him, the Dragon’s Gate sect wouldn’t be like this right now, yet he has actually delivered himself to us.” “Don’t spare him so easily. I want to cut off his arms and legs.”

The people who were just about to turn against themselves banded together over the appearance of the ‘source of trouble’, Li Qingshan. They wanted to vent all of their anger on him, tempted to cut him into pieces and tear him to shreds.

In their eyes, Li Qingshan, who had come alone, was already on the chopping block, allowing them to cut or torture him however they wanted.

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