Chapter 1662 - Obtaining the Tome
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1662 - Obtaining the Tome

Li Qingshan immediately came to a realisation and said “I see” with deep understanding. He stopped his innate ability and began to overlook the burning city with his ordinary vision.

With a bang, the air exploded, dispersing the smoke and fire. Li Qingshan had vanished, having risen up, turning into a black speck in the boundless blue sky.

The terrifying pressure that loomed over Myriad city immediately vanished, only leaving behind a residual might that echoed through the ruins.

But for some reason, Myriad city actually began to “tremble”.

Rumble. The ruins collapsed; the ocean surged!

Myriad city was moving as if it had turned into a huge ship, sailing off once more after being run aground for thousands of years.

Before it could even sail off, the black speck in the sky gradually expanded. In the beginning, it was still like a pebble, but in the blink of an eye, it turned into a meteor, descending from above with a frightening howl and a terrifying pressure!


In an instant, Li Qingshan’s punch struck Myriad city. All the rock and soil in front of his punch parted layer by layer like air and water. The heaps of earth raised easily snapped apart the Pavilion of Heavenly Tomes that blazed away but remained standing.

However, basically none of the power behind the punch leaked out until it struck the thick, sturdy “crust”.

Li Qingshan’s eyes narrowed. The great strength of the ox demon within the punch surged out violently!

At that instant, Myriad city was thrown into the air. Each rock and structure was thrown into the sky, while the island that bore everything sank several metres from Li Qingshan’s attack, like it was about to sink into the ocean.

Boom! The sea surged, throwing colossal waves into the air.

A miserable howl that resembled a dragon’s cry but also much deeper rang out from the depths of the ocean. A colossal dragon’s head broke through the surface, glaring furiously at Li Qingshan.

As it turned out, the island that supported Myriad city for thousands of years was the Spirit Reverend

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