Chapter 1663 - Fighting
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1663 - Fighting

Li Liehuo’s “desires truly cloud the mind” made Li Qingshan smile as well. He was still submerged in the joys of obtaining the Myriad Heavenly Tome, which made him seem rather gentle and benign. It was as if the violence and slaughter from earlier never existed.

Chao Tianjiao’s expression could not help but soften, recalling the many wonderful times she had spent with Li Qingshan. She subconsciously scolded Li Liehuo, “Stop with your nonsense. Qingshan is the same as you and me. He’s only just undergone the sixth heavenly tribulation, so how can he become the lord of the Demon domain?”

Very clearly, the news that Chao Tianjiao had access to in the Desireless Heavenly Palace beyond the Nine Heavens was much more than cultivators in the Human realm. She knew that the Demon domain had produced another Demon God, not only earning the recognition of the demonic heavens, but also earning the submission of the twelve Demon Gods. That was the origins of the daemon star of misfortune, Yinghuo.

However, the true identity of the lord of the Demon domain remained a mystery. Even a divine general like Chao Tianjiao did not know it.

The gods guarded it closely, like they were evading something, yet also like they were waiting for something.

Li Liehuo wavered slightly too. He felt like the point that Chao Tianjiao raised was reasonable. If it manifested as an astral phenomenon in the sky, they must have become a True Immortal, while Li Qingshan had almost been killed by a punch from him just recently, so how could he undergo the seventh heavenly tribulation and become a True Immortal in such a short time?

“This… might be my mistake then… No, hold on-”

A smear of conflict suddenly flashed across Li Liehuo’s face, and a ball of fire erupted in his Origin Soul, immediately recovering his clarity. When he looked at Li Qingshan again, that was better described as the Maheśvara’s legendary form of benignity that enchanted the living creatures, Śaṇkara, than actual gentleness.

He furrowed his brows firmly, tightening his grip around his spear. He raised his guard to the extreme.

“Wake up, first senior sister! If he isn’t a true god, how can he influence us so easily? If you still refuse to acknowledge the truth, both of us are going to perish here today!”

Chao Tianjiao shivered inside and silently circulated the power of zhenwu. A sense of coldness gradually welled up in her mind. Having become a Human Immortal, she could already catch a glimpse of the heavenly secrets, except she had been deluded by her emotions and the appearance before her eyes.

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