Chapter 1661 - Water Mirror
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1661 - Water Mirror

The column of white light gradually shrank until it completely dispersed, leaving the Pavilion of Heavenly Tomes with a burning opening.

A ray of light fell down from the opening, scattering on Li Qingshan’s devilishly handsome face. He gazed up, but his eyes were a mess, unable to see anything. The scorching white light continued to linger in his head.

However, after he blinked his eyes, they recovered some of their colour, blurrily making out the tiny portion of the sky in the opening that faded in and out in the black smoke.

The All-encompassing Formation of the Myriad had already been destroyed. Spiritual qi surged into his body as all of his wounds rapidly healed.

Before his wounds could completely heal, Li Qingshan leapt into the sky, rushing out through the opening!

The black smoke and fire on each floor of the Pavilion of Heavenly Tomes rushed out of the opening with him, spewing out from the very top and reaching several hundred metres in the air, soaring through the sky like a trapped fire dragon.

Li Qingshan stood among the black smoke and fire. Beneath his feet were Myriad city that had been reduced to ruins and the burning Pavilion of Heavenly Tomes, yet his expression seemed very relaxed. His black hair danced with the heat waves, which made him seem even more demonic.

“Hand over the Myriad Heavenly Tome and I won’t kill you.”

On the eastern balcony of the highest floor, the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance’s figure shimmered between the smoke, except he seemed much more hunched over, like he had suddenly aged by a thousand years.

He asked without looking back, “Do you have any idea just how much effort was put into these books? Every single book contained a soul, yet now, they’ve all…”

“Hand over the Myriad Heavenly Tome!”

Li Qingshan glared at him and lunged down like a hungry tiger on the hunt, extending his claw towards the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance’s back. The sharpness of his claws were on full display.

The fierce winds he stirred up brought the smoke over as if it had a

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