Chapter 1485 - Slaying Demons
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1485 - Slaying Demons

The Xuanwu army was highly invigorated. Even the direct disciples felt motivated.

Li Qingshan directly pointed his blade at the demonfolk camp and asked loudly, “Are there any Demon Sovereigns bold enough to face me in battle?”

As if they had been overwhelmed by his aura, not a single demonfolk among the army of several million strong spoke.

Dai Mengfan’s eyes lit up while Wan Jianfeng secretly gripped his sword firmly. However, they all behaved like nothing had happened, continuing to bury their heads in fending off the endless arrows and meteors.

Only if they could lure one out.

Ying Zhe’s expression changed. He smiled, “Interesting. It truly is the Myriad sect after all, hiding someone like him. Tu Wancheng, ignore his provocations just in case you get cut down.”

Yet on the other side, he powered his demon heart as hard as possible, accelerating the construction of the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous.

Rumble. The final totem pole erupted from the ground, rising up into the air slowly.

“No matter what he’s capable of, as long as the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous doesn’t fall, we’re essentially untouchable.”

Tu Wancheng snorted inside, Of course I understand that. Do I still need you to tell me?

Just recently, he had almost been cut down by Chao Tianjiao. Now that he faced so many direct disciples ready to tear out his throat, they would definitely charge over without any regard and encircle him if he set foot out there.

He smiled viciously. There were plenty of sacrifices anyway, so why did a mighty Demon Sovereign have to take any risks? He ordered sternly, “Continue the attacks. Don’t stop, or I’ll eat you alive!”

Who dared to defy the order of a Demon Sovereign?

Immediately, dust began to rise up from the ground and the battle cries rang out again.

Regiments after regiments of demonfolk were dispatched, charging towards Li Qingshan. Even the demonfolk soldiers that had been dispersed around the edge of the pit rushed over with hysterical roars.

The demonic cloud closed up again, blotting out all sunlight. The sky dimmed again. Compared to the thick demonic cloud, a single hole was nothing.

Li Qingshan felt some pity. Just as Li Liehuo had said, as long as they could kill one Demon Sovereign and ruin the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous, they would have won half the battle. Otherwise, even if they killed a million demonfolk, they would not necessarily be able to win.

Unfortunately, every single Demon Sovereign here was extremely crafty and completely shameless. Goading them was completely useless.

“Die!” A demonfolk roared as he charged towards him, thrusting his spear into his back viciously.

Li Qingshan did not even look back. With a casual swing, there was a rush of wind and his blade sliced past gently.

The speartip broke, a head flew into the air and blood sprayed everywhere!

The wind rushed past and all the demonfolk within thirty metres had either been beheaded or bisected. Blood spurted from their necks and organs rolled out of their bodies, all collapsing on the ground and rolling into the pit. Demon blood flowed freely.

Some of the “luckier” ones just happened to be bisected and would not die any time soon as demonfolk possessed tenacious vitality. They let out miserable howls, immediately turning the horrific battlefield into a living hell.

Ruan Yaozhu furrowed her brows, shifting her gaze away from it.

Dai Mengfan noticed this and warned her, “Junior sister, these demonfolk deserve to die. It’s either you live or die on the battlefield. You can’t be soft-hearted later on!”

“Yes,” Ruan Yaozhu answered her, but she could not help but look towards Li Qingshan.

He stood in the centre of the pit. His face was hidden beneath the golden mask. No one could see his expression. He just swung away with his blade, butchering the demonfolk coldly.

Severed limbs sailed through the air as blood pooled at his feet, welling up to his ankles in the blink of an eye and dyeing his golden armour red. He was like a god of slaughter from hell, without any mercy or reluctance at all.

He had no interest in massacres, but he definitely was not soft-hearted either. Since they were enemies, he could kill a hundred thousand or a million of them. If these demonfolk were just willing to walk to their deaths like this wave by wave, that would basically be perfect.

However, he had a feeling that none of this was that simple.

A shadow suddenly loomed over him. Li Qingshan looked up. Several twisted, vicious beasts condensed from army qi lunged towards him.


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Like throwing a vicious punch into a bowl of mince meat, organs, blood, severed limbs and broken bones flew everywhere.

Ruan Yaozhu cried out, “Qingshan!”

These vicious beasts were extremely powerful. Every single one of them rivalled a Demon Sovereign and because they were condensed from army qi, the restraint they faced from the laws of the world was very little, so that was equivalent to the combined attack of several Demon Sovereigns. Meanwhile, as a cultivator, Li Qingshan was very affected by the boundary region. Under these unforgiving circumstances, even Human Sovereigns were in danger of dying.

The pit collapsed deeper and his feet sank into the ground. Among the twisted, vicious heads, Li Qingshan parried all attacks with his blade. He thought inside, No problem! I can block them all!

He swung his blade vigorously, bringing himself forwards and beginning another charge!

Cold light glimmered as countless blades and spears shot his way. He barged straight through it like a steel chariot. The weapons all snapped, unable to leave a mark on the golden armour.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! It was all the sounds of bone shattering. All of the demonfolk in his path had been sent flying. They could not even let out a howl, dying mid-air.

He rushed into the demonfolk army, swinging his blade violently and carrying out a massacre.

Streaks of cold light shot by and wisps of wind whistled past. Looking down from above, the dense crowds of demonfolk were felled in groups.

A hundred! A thousand! Ten thousand? None of it mattered! The sea of people surged while the weapons stood like forests, yet it all seemed endless.

The Demon Emperors leading the army were all hidden deep among the soldiers, controlling the vicious beasts to launch attack after attack like raging waves, kicking up great billows in the sea of people.

Li Qingshan completely unleashed the Frenzy Flower Blade style, chopping, stabbing, wrenching and slicing away. He blocked the attacks again and again, burying his head in killing the demonfolk.

These vicious beasts were all condensed from army qi. They could not be killed. Even if he ripped them apart, they would just recondense. He had to kill the leading commander or all of the demonfolk.

Finding the leading commander in all these soldiers was not easy. He faced the constant disruption from the army qi beasts as well, so he just gave up on that choice.

However, while a massacre seemed easy and satisfying, there was a colossal problem.

Every single demonfolk would take up some effort. These demonfolk were all clad in armour and after establishing the military formation, they probably needed some strength as well. It might have only been some, but it was a significant amount upon accumulation. The risk of dying would rapidly multiply.

There were many Human Sovereigns who became submerged in the slaughter, swallowed by the endless sea of blood. By the time they wanted to pull out, it was already too late. Even a foot soldier was enough to threaten them.

“What a fool. Let’s see how long he can last for!”

Tu Wancheng laughed madly. Sacrificing a hundred thousand demonfolk for a single Human Sovereign was worth it, let alone the leading commander of the Xuanwu army.

They were just sacrifices anyway, so it did not matter how many of them died. In the endless expanse of the Demon domain, more would grow and emerge vigorously like wild grass.

Dai Mengfan could not help but communicate, Junior brother Li, don’t fall for the enemy’s tricks. It’s not worth it to waste all your strength on these lowly demonfolk!”

Li Qingshan made no reply. He just focused on killing his way through the sea of demons. The power behind each strike of his was not too powerful. It did not even possess any blade aura, just using its sharp edge to kill the enemy.

However, upon closer attention, it was clear that he did not waist even a sliver of the power behind each attack.

After undergoing the fifth heavenly tribulation, the Strength of the Earth had become even more powerful. The strength was basically endless. Even all the power he had exhausted in the “Myriad Flowers” at the beginning had been recovered.

When he said “No problem! I can block them all!”, that was when he did not exhaust any energy at all.

When it came to a battle of endurance, who was supposed to be afraid of who? If he continued fighting like this, he could even kill a million demonfolk as long as he did not find it too troublesome.

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