Chapter 1484 - Shining Under the Sunlight
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1484 - Shining Under the Sunlight

The camps of the demonfolk that stretched for dozens of kilometres all shook as a result. The centre was a great hill where eleven totem poles plunged straight into the clouds. They were only missing the last one before the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous was complete.

The method of military formations was based on the will of the people. The will of the people was volatile, so it was good for offence but bad for defence.

The path of formations was based on geography. Geography was stable, so it was good for defence but bad for offence.

In order to cast this formation, the twelve Demon Sovereigns had mobilised the army of several million strong, excavating the land day and night and altering the geography within a hundred kilometres of the place.

They had gone to such great lengths that the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous they had used back then in Cold Blood pass to ambush Chao Tianjiao seemed as crude as it could possibly be.

Demon Sovereign Ying Zhe gazed at Li Qingshan who strode over in golden armour. He asked, “Tu Wancheng, who’s the person at the front?”

“This- I don’t know.” Tu Wancheng hesitated for a moment. He had memorised every single direct disciple of the Myriad sect, but he was unable to match him to any of them.

Ying Zhe said with certainty, “This person is entering the battle in Chao Tianjiao’s place, so he can’t be without any reputation! He must also be a courageous one among the humans.” Then he smiled indifferently. “It’s just a pity that this person isn’t familiar with army formations. All he knows is the bravado of ruffians, actually leading the army formation at the front. Tu Wancheng, mobilise the troops and kill him! Black Wind city has fallen!”

“Yes, sir!” Tu Wancheng was rather unwilling to follow Ying Zhe’s orders, but he agreed very much with his judgement. If the leader fell in battle, it would be impossible to replace him on the spot. The Xuanwu army would immediately collapse on itself, and all that remained would be a massacre.

On the battlefield, Li Qingshan refused to take a single step back, advancing alone. Very soon, he entered the boundary region. Not only did the overlapping laws of the world suppress all of his powers, but even the Giant Spirit God armour on him immediately became heavier.

And at this moment, the entirety of the Xuanwu army had not left the city yet. Once a crowd of people reached an excess of ten thousand, they resembled a sea, let alone an army of five hundred million soldiers. Even if they packed together densely, they would still take up over five kilometres of land.

The five commandants were all still organising the army as the colonels and lieutenants constantly accepted and passed orders. The squadron leaders, ten-man squad leaders, and five-man squad leaders did their best to cooperate, but they still could not avoid some chaos.

This was the most dangerous situation. The military formation had not taken shape yet, and the leading commander had already ventured deep into enemy territory. No matter how great his momentum was, he was just a Human Sovereign.

Whoosh! A great gust of wind rushed over head-on. Li Qingshan raised his head slightly.

“Kill!” Rumble. The earth shook as battle cries filled the air.

The uniform steps of the Xuanwu army had been disrupted. Li Qingshan gazed out and saw dust surge up ahead as countless heads bobbed up and down, reaching as far as the eye could see. Who knew how many of them there were.

The army qi condensed and murderousness filled the sky, like the world was collapsing around him. It gave Li Qingshan unprecedented pressure. He realised he was also facing a giant beast of war, and it was over ten times larger than him, currently swinging its claw at him!

The officers paled in fright and ordered, “Protect the general!”

Even without their orders, the soldiers at the very front had already sped up, using their bodies to form a shield to block the demonfolk army with the determination to die.

Dai Mengfan was responsible for ordering the direct disciples. “Protect him no matter what. If anyone shies away from the battle, I’ll skin them alive!”

Li Qingshan’s footsteps halted slightly.

The thrums of bowstrings sounded out, immediately drowning out the battle cries.

A great volley of arrows was launched, making the sky dim. It was like a black cloud that had risen suddenly, enveloping the place like a blanket.

The several hundred “meteors” among them actually became inconspicuous in comparison.

But this time, it all sailed over Li Qingshan. Their target was the Xuanwu army behind him.

“Soldiers, maintain the formation! Do not waste your efforts!” Li Qingshan ordered, “Direct disciples, protect the army for me!”

He gripped the hilt of his blade slowly and bent over slightly. With a boom, sand began to fly from his feet as he abruptly accelerated.

He actually broke free from the army proactively, charging towards the demonfolk army alone.

All of the direct disciples were stunned, gazing at Dai Mengfan.

Dai Mengfan was taken aback as well. She gritted her teeth. “Protect the army!”

Ruan Yaozhu rode on a white deer and stepped into the air. With a wave of her hand, the countless arrows sprouted. Some of them even bloomed with flowers. Their speed immediately dropped, falling in the army without much power remaining. It was stopped by the soldiers’ armour.

“Impressive, junior sister!” Le Tian praised. The three-legged golden toad under his feet expanded, and its belly swelled up, almost turning into a ball. With a thunderous croak, it blew away a large part of the “dark cloud” in the air.

Resplendent techniques sailed through the air, purging the endless waves of arrows.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! The sword pierced through several dozen meteors at once.

Wan Jianfeng stopped. He also had to catch his breath slightly. When it came to duelling, even ten thousand meteors would not be enough to touch a hair on him, but war was completely different. He had to keep his depleted powers in check.

Sweeping aside an entire army with just a man and a sword was anything but easy. Fortunately, they had so many direct disciples working together, which was why they could hold off the attack.

However, all of their attention was gathered at the front of the army, on the lone figure who led the charge. They thought of the same thing, Junior brother Li possesses extraordinary talent and strength, but he’s far too brash!

The sounds of wind grew louder and louder as the battle cries became deafening. Even the twisted faces of the demonfolk at the front became clearly visible.

Under the golden helmet, Li Qingshan smiled. He stomped down, and the earth cracked. He rose into the air.

Everyone raised their heads. Their hearts sat in their throats.

Li Qingshan rose higher and higher, rushing through a volley of arrows and smashing apart a meteor.

In the blink of an eye, he had even climbed higher than the almost-complete Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous.

He continued to rise, passing through the cloud layer in the next moment. The sea of clouds spanned as far as the eye could see below his feet as the sun shone brightly.

“Reckless!” Ying Zhe shook his head in disdain. He smiled towards the Demon Sovereign., “Surely he hasn’t escaped, has he? If he has, that’ll actually be quite clever of him!”

The moment he reached the very top, Li Qingshan drew the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End with a clang and began to descend.


He smashed through the sea of clouds instantly, leaving behind a gaping hole. Sunlight illuminated the land, enveloping the demonfolk army. The demonfolk could not help but squint their eyes.

Under the sunlight, his golden armour glistened even more brightly, rapidly plummeting towards the demonfolk army like a sun.

The demonfolk refused to back down. Their surging army qi condensed into a vicious beast, swinging its claws at Li Qingshan.

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Li Qingshan swung his blade, and a blade aura whistled out three hundred metres away, slashing into the beast deeply.

However, the beast condensed from army qi did not possess any flesh or blood. It was completely immune to damage like that. Instead, it reached Li Qingshan with its claws.

“Myriad Flowers!”

Blade aura began to bloom again like flowers. The flashes erupted hundreds and thousands of times, tearing apart and swallowing the vicious beast instantly.

Boom! The earth quaked as Li Qingshan landed in the centre of the army. The leading Demon Emperor had been squashed to a pulp together with his mount. A wave of earth swept out in all directions, throwing countless demonfolk into the air.

Ying Zhe was speechless, and the Demon Sovereigns were dumbfounded. Even with the strength of their physiques, they would end up heavily injured if they smashed into the ground like that in the boundary.

The direct disciples all widened their eyes. Wan Jianfeng said with difficulty, “What kind of monster is that?”

In the centre of the colossal pit where the light radiated from, Li Qingshan raised the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End high into the air. “Certain victory!”

Immediately, cheers boomed through the air.

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