Chapter 1486 - Army God
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1486 - Army God

Tu Wancheng’s smile gradually stiffened. “Fucking hell, there must be something wrong with his armour!”

Dai Mengdan also said, “Junior brother Lu, the Giant Spirit God armour you forged is actually so…”

Lu Boyang shook his head. “It has nothing to do with the Giant Spirit God armour. This is his own power.”

The direct disciples all fell silent. In particular, the disciples who had once gambled that Li Qingshan would not be able to become a direct disciple in three decades felt rather hot in the face.

“At the end of the day, senior brother Le still has the sharper eyes!”

Le Tian smiled wryly in an undetectable manner. Even he had failed to take notice of his true form back then. He had just treated him as a dark horse that he could gamble on. Looking at it now, if he was a dark horse, what was he supposed to be? An inferior horse?

He joined the sect at the third heavenly tribulation, undergoing the fourth heavenly tribulation recently before undergoing the fifth heavenly tribulation so rapidly. Just how many people throughout the six realms of saṃsāra and the trichiliocosm could achieve that?

Not to mention the fact that he already possesses such great strength after just having undergone the fifth heavenly tribulation. If he reached the peak of the fifth heavenly tribulation, let alone becoming a direct disciple, who else would be more deserving of the position of first senior brother than him?

“In terms of insight, I only acknowledge that junior sister Ruan’s is better than mine. She’s the one who recruited him.”

Ruan Yaozhu’s face reddened. She murmured, “What are you saying, senior brother? What insight can I have? He’s the one who wanted to come.”

Dai Mengfan said, “Sigh, it’s no wonder he refuses to yield to Tianjiao or Liehuo. How can someone like him dwell beneath someone else? The spirit reverend is able to see through fate. It makes perfect sense why he would give him special notice.”

Wan Jianfeng flicked his sword. “Don’t be so sentimental, everyone. No matter what, he stands on our side, which can’t be a bad thing.”

Dai Mengfan nodded. “Of course. Be careful and conserve your strength.” She glanced at the main camp of the demonfolk and said with other meaning, “The battle hasn’t even begun yet!”

Only now did the five hundred thousand soldiers of the Xuanwu army completely leave the city. Under the protection of the direct disciples, they had completed their final steps of organisation.

The sky was dim. With heavy steps, Li Qingshan left behind a trail of footprints, charging ahead and passing through the surging sea of demonfolk.

His golden armour had been dyed scarlet red by the constant bloodshed. Only the frenzied blade in his hand emitted a dim, red glow after drinking enough blood. It seemed even more gorgeous and dazzling than before.

In just a while, over ten thousand demonfolk had already died to his blade, and this number continued to climb. Corpses were strewn across the ground like a mat.

A blade in hand, he held off the army of millions, killing whoever that stood in his way.

But under the thick helmet, his pupils remained a sedated, dark colour. There was not even a sign of bloodthirstiness.

His expression was so calm that it did not resemble a struggle on the battlefield. Compared to a warrior, he better resembled a farmer who was carrying out a harvest.

A blade flashed past, leaving behind a streak of light. The Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End was just too sharp, such that it did not feel like he had cut anything solid, let alone killing enemies from the wind produced from his swings. Just a casual gesture was enough to tear open bodies, felling them in flocks.

Who said that lives were like ants? Given the current situation, they were not even as great as ants. Ants could still strive for survival, but demonfolk were completely fearless of death, roaring as they charged over wave after wave, only to be felled wave after wave. Life had become insignificant.

The sight was enough to sober up anyone who bore fantasies about war. Heroes were also butcherers of lives.

The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower could sense how he felt. She mocked him. “You sure are strange, kid. You find the enemy too weak?”

“A battle like this is not worth me devoting myself into.”

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He had sworn to fight the strongest of enemies. He could not find satisfaction in butchering the weak. If he submerged himself in a slaughter like this, that was an insult to the essence of the tiger demon.

However, a certain feeling did grow stronger and stronger. The battle had only just begun. The army camp stood without budging, like a lurking beast. So far, he had only touched its surface. At most, it felt some pain. The outcome had yet to be determined.

The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower laughed. “You’re a natural-born asura. No, you’re even more asura than the asura I’ve seen. Use me to your heart’s content!”

“Alright!” Li Qingshan swung the blade and advanced, taking another step forward. His strength erupted as his power rapidly recovered.

He had already crossed through the boundary, setting foot in the Demon domain. The laws of the Demon domain had no effect on him, even assisting him to a certain degree.

A vicious beast condensed from army qi lunged over, but in his eyes, it immediately became much slower.

As a result, he swung the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End. At that instant, time seemed to stop.

One swing, two swings, three swings… Before the gusts of his swings had even dispersed, more wind surged over, overlapping together.

In the eyes of others, they only saw him swing the blade countless times in that instant. His blade halted as the gusts of wind whistled past, rushing over as a black whirlwind that swallowed the entire beast.

Regardless of what it was, whether it was demonfolk, weapons, or armour, they were immediately torn to shreds once they were sucked in, reduced to clouds of blood.

The whirlwind cleared a path, leaving behind a deep gully in the ground.

Li Qingshan gazed over. There were no demonfolk blocking his path anymore. He had already killed his way through an army, leaving behind a bloody path strewn with limbs and broken weapons.

There were still several tens of thousand remaining in the demonfolk army that surrounded him. Even the leading commanders were still alive, but when they saw this, they were all frightened out of their wits. The remaining beasts of army qi twisted and dispersed. Their morale had completely collapsed.

Li Qingshan sucked in a deep breath and yelled out, “Li Qingshan be the one who has felled the enemy!”

The cheers erupted like tidal waves. “Mighty be the general!”

Li Qingshan looked back. “Where be the five commandants?”

The five commandants answered together, “What are your orders, general?”

“Advance with me to clear the remnants!”

“Yes, sir!”

With that order, the army of five hundred thousand set off together.

Their morale blazed like fire as the metallic flood rumbled forwards. However, it also seemed orderly with clear layers. They formed a single entity.

The several tens of thousand demonfolk remaining on the battlefield had all lost their morale after Li Qingshan destroyed their formation. They basically could not put up any resistance at all. They were crushed viciously.

The Xuanwu army was like a giant beast of metal, swallowing several thousand demonfolk in a single gulp and chewing them to pieces. The several tens of thousand demonfolk were completely insufficient as a meal.

A large number of demonfolk began to flee, but they were forced back onto the battlefield by the army behind them. They were completely annihilated very soon.

Li Qingshan furrowed his brows. What are the demonfolk up to?

The army followed Li Qingshan’s footsteps and pressed into the Demon domain. Only then did they completely unleash the entire military formation. They were like a metallic fan, while he was the rivet.

Thousands of eyes, filled with fervency, gazed at his figure.

Blazing army qi gathered together on Li Qingshan. The five banners on his back rippled violently. A god clad in golden armour that bore quite some resemblance to Li Qingshan rose from his body, standing on the ground and rapidly pulling taller. Even the direct disciples in the air had to look up to take it in completely.

Dai Mengfan sighed in amazement. “The Xuanwu Army God!”

This was the greatest state of condensed army qi. It was the embodiment of an army and would only manifest under extremely stringent conditions.

First of all, the army had to be of sufficient scale while maintaining a complete system over a long period of time like the Xuanwu army. Afterwards, their morale had to be high enough, and only then was it possible to condense an army god, but that was only a possibility.

As the soul of the army, just obtaining the recognition of the entire army was not enough for the general. It had to be veneration.

A butcher who viewed life as worthless and killed for pleasure could not obtain true veneration. Only when all the soldiers and officers in the army poured all of their faith and desire for victory into their commander would an army god descend.

Li Qingshan felt endless power surge through him, even surpassing the Strength of the Earth. Even when it came to Demon Sovereigns, he could flatten them with a swat.

“This is… the power of the will of the people!”

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