Chapter 1487 - Wrath of the Clouds and Thunder
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1487 - Wrath of the Clouds and Thunder

The Xuanwu Army God stood on the battlefield, unwavering like a mountain. Millions looked up to it.

This was the response Li Qingshan had received from the soldiers in return for charging into battle alone, breaching the enemy ranks with just his blade.

Li Qingshan did not look back, but he could clearly see the regular faces and their scorching gazes. Every single one of them was so ordinary and insignificant, like ants.

However, Li Qingshan could sense that the power they had bestowed him was far greater than anything he possessed. No, this was the source of his power.

He had also once been insignificant like them, holding onto the most ordinary wishes of fine alcohol and beauties, desiring battle and victory, making his way to today step by step.

In what sense was that noble? And in what sense was that lowly?”

He shut his eyes. A belief became firmer.

They are not ants! I am not an ant either!

Tu Wancheng called out, “Release the arrows! Release the arrows! Continue hurling rocks! Crush him to death!”

Li Qingshan snapped open his eyes, and the Xuanwu Army God roared at the sky, its voice booming through the clouds like a turbulent wave. It cleared the sky full of arrows and cooled and shattered the meteors. The great gust of wind rushed towards the demonfolk camp, and countless flags were blown down.

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Wu Wancheng paled in fright, staggering backwards several steps.

The might of his wrath made the surroundings collapse.

In the Xuanwu army, a soldier began to roar out. His voice was rough and high-spirited, basically pitifully tiny compared to the army god’s roar. But very soon, the soldiers all began to roar, forming a rumbling ocean.

In another blink of an eye, all five hundred thousand of them roared together, forming an overwhelming commotion.

The direct disciples were all startled. Some of them blinked their eyes as if they were in disbelief. The regular soldiers that they usually did not even look at had actually erupted with such a powerful aura that even they felt like tiny boats on the raging ocean as Human Sovereigns.

The army qi burned like fire, weaving a golden cape behind the Xuanwu Army God and condensing into a frenzied blade in its hand inch by inch.

Far to the other side of the battlefield, the Scorching Fire army was gathering as well. Unlike the Xuanwu army, there were many different kinds of soldiers. Apart from heavy infantry, there was a hundred thousand light cavalry, as well as a large number of light infantry and crossbowmen.

Unlike Li Qingshan, Li Liehuo rode on a fine, red steed, standing at the front of the army. Gazing at this from afar and hearing the furious roar, who knew what he was thinking.

Huo Hua was astounded. “This kid has actually made it this far! Probably even Chao Tianjiao could only do this much.”

Li Liehuo nodded. “It is unexpected.”

Huo Hua smiled. “I thought he would ask you to handle the direct confrontation while he would lead a flank from the side. Isn’t he afraid that you’ll flee as soon as you see the situation take a turn for the worse?”

Actually, the two of them basically did not communicate with each other at all, let alone argue. This situation that directly impacted their lives was completely decided by Li Liehuo.

If they had gone through thick and thin together, then so be it, yet they just happened to be enemies who basically hoped each other would die. They did not suddenly reach each other’s hearts and set aside their past grudges before the battle either. They just led their respective armies and entered the battlefield.

Li Liehuo said, “He won’t. I won’t either.”

Huo Hua looked back at Li Liehuo. “You men sure are strange!”

“Are we?” Li Liehuo gazed at the Xuanwu Army God and said softly, “I’ve already received the challenge!”

He raised his spear high into the air. It began to rage with flames, surging and enveloping the two of them, growing brighter and brighter. Firelight filled the air, lighting up pairs after pairs of eyes. He looked away from the Xuanwu Army God. They also possessed their own army god.

Tu Wancheng turned around and fled back into the central army, into the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous, afraid he would be cut down by the Xuanwu Army God. There were no Demon Sovereigns that mocked him. They were all serious.

Ying Zhe squinted his eyes, also catching the scent of danger. “We can’t let him continue gathering army qi. Order the shamans to begin the offering to heaven!”

Chanting voices rose up from the surroundings, oppressive and gloomy.

Shamans began to dance on the altars, like members of ancient civilisations praying for rain. However, what enveloped this place was not the heavens, but the demonic heavens.

If they prayed for rain, how could there not be sacrifices? They did not sacrifice livestock, but living demonfolk.

The ground was strewn with corpses where blood trickled as streams, all a result of Li Qingshan’s massacre. The demonfolk corpses swallowed by the Xuanwu army suddenly began to emit slivers of demon qi.

The demonic cloud in the sky surged, hanging low and hanging heavily, like a terrifying, unspeakable existence currently savouring the taste of the sacrifices.

The shamans knelt down on the altar, bringing their heads to the ground and raising their hands high up. They sang wildly, “Demonic heavens, oh demonic heavens! The great demonic heavens, the eternal demonic heavens, the ever-lasting demonic heavens! You are the mother of chaos! You are the source of all wickedness!”

The demonfolk army of several million all prostrated on the ground. The twelve Demon Heavens lowered their heads deeply as well.

Li Qingshan raised his head and watched on. It seemed rather familiar. When the black sun descended, the demonic heavens had once tried to coronate him, except he refused without hesitation. He stood on the opposing side to the Demon domain right now, so he only felt disgust.

The demonic heavens seemed to recognise him. The surging demonic clouds hung low as the laws of the world constantly wove together. The indistinguishable whisperings filled with wickedness echoed through his ears endlessly like they were enticing him yet also threatening him.

With his head lowered, Ying Zhe glanced at him in some surprise. The offering to heaven this time seemed rather special. The will of the demonic heavens had manifested with great intensity. Even with how clever he was, he probably would have never thought that the man who stood within the towering army god was the person of the legends chosen by the demonic heavens.

The demonic clouds loomed down as if it was trying to press down the Xuanwu Army God’s proud head. Li Qingshan let out a great bellow and slashed at the demonic heavens.

Immediately, the soft whisperings became a shrill scream. The demonic clouds surged.

With a whoosh, rain began to pour down violently.

It was like the emptying of a river. The black rain formed a curtain, obscuring their gazes and rinsing the ground mercilessly. It formed a flash flood rapidly, spreading towards the Xuanwu army.

With Li Qingshan’s slash, a great gully split open in the ground.

However, the rain was endless as the demonic clouds continued to surge. The flood rushed into the gully before rapidly filling it.

The power of the Xuanwu Army God was not limitless. Army qi could help the soldiers block many techniques, but it did not make them immune to drowning.

This was no longer a feat of man, but a disaster of nature. It was the wrath of the demonic heavens.

Dai Mengfan ordered the direct disciples to deal with the flood as she glanced back at Black Cloud city. “Junior brother Pi, what are you waiting for?”

Only Pi Yangqiu remained in Black Cloud city out of all of the direct disciples. He was responsible for controlling the Formation of Black Clouds and Roaring Thunder exactly for this moment.

The demonfolk had already used this move countless times before, so how could they not possess a counterplan?

At the top of Black Cloud city, Pi Yangqiu brought his hands over the formation core.

Rumble. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed.

Under his control, the black clouds that enveloped Black Cloud city all year round surged towards the Demon domain. He completely unleashed all of the power accumulated in the Formation of Black Clouds and Roaring Thunder without any regard.

Immediately, the black clouds and the demonic clouds collided.

At that instant, lightning spilled forth.

The booms shook endlessly, without any gaps in sight. Light and darkness wove together madly like the end of the world.

In the furious roar of the thunder, the demonic clouds rapidly dissipated, and the storm gradually eased up.

The clouds dispersed, and sunlight shone brightly, illuminating the metal army into a sea of light.

Under the clear sky, the Xuanwu Army God began to move. Its cape drifted high into the air as it swung away with its giant blade.


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