Chapter 1488 - Taowu
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1488 - Taowu

The Xuanwu army surged forth like the tide. The clanging of their weapons formed a great clamour, like thunder rolling along the ground.

In the sky, the various direct disciples followed along, all filled with hope. With such momentum and such a mighty army god, how were the demonfolk supposed to stop them?

Dai Mengfan became slightly worried. She said seriously, “Fellows, this is very dangerous, so you have to be careful!”

Ke Xin smiled. “You’re thinking too much, senior sister. The demonfolk may have an advantage in numbers, but they lack a talented leader who can gather the spirit of the army like junior brother Li. Even if they have military formations, they haven’t achieved the very essence. Their army qi cannot condense into an army god. With this Xuanwu Army God, even breaching the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous is nothing difficult anymore.”

The demonfolk had an army of several million, stretching on for dozens of kilometres, but whether it was Tu Wancheng or the other Demon Sovereigns, none of them possessed the power and prestige to lead the army. Even gathering army qi became an issue, let alone condensing an army god.

Dai Mengfan nodded. “It’s already quite impressive that junior sister could notice this, given the fact that you’ve never been on the battlefield before. However-”

Le Tian suddenly interrupted them. “We’re almost entering the Demon domain. There’s no need to say anything else, senior sister. When it comes to certain things, hehe, you’ll only really understand it once you’ve experienced it yourself.

The master of the Spiritual Treasure workshop, Lu Boming, silently took out a tiny, delicate ship from his sleeve. He tossed it into the air, and it expanded, turning into a steel ship that reached three thousand metres in length in the blink of an eye. He threw himself into it.

Ke Xin grumbled, “Senior brother Lu sure is stingy!”

“Third senior sister was right, so how can’t I listen?” Lu Boming smiled. “This Exquisite Ship of Seven Treasures is my mount. I never have the opportunity to use it, so it’s perfect for today.”

The Giant Spirit God armour that he had given to Li Qingshan was already a precious item, but it was absolutely nothing compared to this Exquisite Ship of Seven Treasures.

This was a replica of the immortal ships taken by the heavenly soldiers and generals beyond the Nine heavens. Who knew how much effort and resources he had poured into it. Not only was it extremely powerful, but it was almost indestructible as well. Even if the twelve Demon Sovereigns encircled him, he would not be afraid as long as he had it.

He was certain that he would be the safest in the battle this time. Coupled with the great destructive power of the Exquisite Ship of Seven Treasures, he could definitely kill many demonfolk and make an outstanding contribution to the war, so his place on the Myriad rankings would rise up by a few spots.

As for the Giant Spirit God armour, the sect would compensate him for that after the battle. It might even become a part of his contribution.

Apart from Ruan Yaozhu who was slightly reluctant, the other direct disciples all took out the arcane treasures they had been saving, eager to have a go and butcher some demonfolk.

Dai Mengfan furrowed her brows slightly. She stayed quiet. Which direct disciple wasn’t a talented genius? They all possessed their own pride, so saying anything more was pointless anyway. They would understand very soon that the demonfolk were not that easy to deal with.

Ying Zhe gazed at the approaching Xuanwu Army God as well as the firelight that grew more and more vigorous on the side of his face. There was no fear at all. Instead, he sneered and said, “Black Cloud city has already fallen! Tu Wancheng, are you ready?”


The twelfth totem pole plunged straight into the sky, standing proudly. The vivid image of a Demon God appeared, resembling both a man and a beast. It possessed a large, lone eye with a pair of tusk-like teeth jutting out of its huge mouth, radiating with a vicious and atrocious aura.

The ground shook gently. The area between the twelve totem poles seemed to become a completely different world. Magnificent demonic light wove together to form a bizarre sight, condensing into the formation core.

The Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous had been established.

Tu Wancheng climbed onto the totem pole and smiled viciously. “I’ve run out of patience a long time ago!”

The Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous activated!

The image of the Demon God on the totem pole below Tu Wancheng suddenly blinked its eye and began to move.

Even Ying Zhe who only bowed his head when the demonic heavens descended suddenly dropped down to his knees, bringing his head to the ground like the shamans. He raised both arms. “Welcoming Demon God Taowu!”

TL: A taowu is another one of the four perils in Chinese mythology, together with qiongqi and hundun. It is characterised as a reckless and stubborn creature.

The other Demon Sovereigns all knelt down on their respective totem poles, calling out, “Welcoming Demon God Taowu.”

The will of the Demon domain was extremely chaotic. They no longer feared it too much as Demon Sovereigns. However, if they accidentally offended Demon God Taowu, then there would only be death. That one was known for his pride and viciousness.

Of course, that was not a true Demon God in person. It was only an embodiment conjured by the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous. It did not even possess a wisp of consciousness and only inherited its wicked spirit.

However, this battle had to do with the legendary descent of the black sun. Who knew whether Demon God Taowu’s consciousness would actually descend or not.

Demon God Taowu rushed out of the totem pole, opening its lone eye wide and glancing at the Xuanwu Army God that pressed closer. The Xuanwu Army God gazed back coldly too.

Its proud and vicious spirit had immediately been infuriated. It opened its gaping mouth and let out a great roar. Sound waves visible to the naked eye spread out.

The Xuanwu Army God’s advance halted slightly, also letting out a furious roar.

The rumbles were deafening.

Ke Xin felt like wooden splinters had been shoved into her ears. Her face changed drastically, and she used her powers in a hurry to fend off the sound.

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By now, the direct disciples had already crossed through the boundary and reached the Demon domain with the Xuanwu Army God. They were suppressed by the laws of the Demon domain, but at least they could unleash the entirety of their Human Sovereign cultivation. Before this embodiment of Demon God Taowu, they actually felt like they stood no chance at all.

Having been cut down to size, they did not dare to be careless anymore.

Ke Xin bit her lip gently. “You’re right, senior sister. If it weren’t for the Xuanwu Army God, even if we charge over together, we’d probably struggle to take down the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous.”

Before Dai Mengfan could say anything, Le Tian answered, “Don’t be so quick to decide, junior sister. Nothing has even happened yet!”

His eyes squinted together, but the usual, composed smile where everything was within his control was now gone from his face. He fiddled around with a pair of dice urgently in his right hand. He seemed to be trying to peer into the heavenly secrets and calculate the outcome of this gamble or perhaps his fate.

A demonfolk shaman gazed up and roared furiously, “It’s a Demon God! A Demon God’s descended!”

The demonfolk camp erupted into a commotion. Several million demonfolk gazed at Demon God Taowu. Their eyes were bloodshot, filled with vehement worship. It was completely different from the cautiousness of the Demon Sovereigns.

The twelve Demon Gods were existences that all demonfolk worshipped. They were paramount existences in their hearts.

They chanted the Demon God’s name loudly, “Taowu! Taowu! Taowu!”

The phrase did not seem to be a term of reference, but the most wicked curse, where the words themselves possessed terrifying power.

The chants of the Xuanwu army already resembled a tidal wave, so the chanting of several million demonfolk basically cracked the earth.

Dai Mengfan shut her eyes, but the nightmares of the past had all come alive again, dancing around before her eyes.

The expressions of all the direct disciples changed. They could sense something terrifying was unfolding.

Li Qingshan furrowed his brows. He did not stop his advance, welcoming the gaze from Demon God Taowu’s lone eye as he continued forwards.

Ying Zhe said, “Summoning the god into the body!” The Demon Sovereigns all repeated, “Summoning the god into the body!”

Demon God Taowu descended from above, landing on Tu Wancheng.

At that instant, a tremendous amount of army qi surged towards him.

Demon God Taowu rapidly swelled up, towering over the Xuanwu Army God in the blink of an eye, enough to rival Black Cloud city in the distance—no, to it, Black Cloud city was already within arm’s reach.

It only bent over slightly. With that, it blotted out the sunlight, casting a colossal shadow.

Ke Xin blanked out. She murmured, “What is that?”

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