Chapter 1489 - Advance
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1489 - Advance

Li Qingshan suddenly stiffened, like a frog encountering a snake. He could not help but tremble gently as the sense of terror of facing a natural predator sprang forth. Even when he had already prepared himself mentally, he was still in disbelief when he faced the “monster” before him.

In comparison, the embodiment of Qiongqi he had encountered in the past was powerful, but he was still restrained by the laws of the World of the Nine Provinces. The previous demonic heavens were terrifying, but they were twisted and chaotic after all, devoid of any sense of self.

However, not only did the power of Demon God Taowu before him completely surpass Human Sovereigns and Demon Sovereigns, but it even surpassed regular Human Immortals and Heretic Gods too. It was like a Demon God in person, and it was filled with hostility.

Wan Jianfeng’s hand trembled. He tightened his grip on his sword suddenly. How is my sword supposed to cut through something like that?

Dai Mengfan opened her eyes. The nightmare had become true, more terrifying than any of the times from the past. It was as if she had returned to her childhood, returning to that little girl who was frightened by the sounds of wind and the dancing tree shadows. She smiled wryly and sighed. “This is why I say… I hate war.”

On the distant other side of the battlefield, Huo Hua gazed at the colossal figure that reached into the air and said to Li Liehuo extremely seriously, “We better escape to the Daemonic Beast realm!”

Li Liehuo remained silent. He gave no answer.

The air over the battlefield seemed to thicken, turning into twisted swirls, dragging everyone into the abyss.

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Just from appearing, without even doing anything, “Taowu” had stunned everyone.

Normally, Tu Wancheng would be laughing at the top of his lungs already, but right now, a stronger spirit penetrated his mind, filled with a sense of pride and viciousness. It was exactly this spirit that penetrated the entire battlefield too.

“Taowu” turned his neck and opened his gaping mouth. A great, mighty voice boomed through the surroundings.

“The world has no compassion. All is worthless.”

The several million demonfolk called out together, “The world has no compassion. All is worthless.” They were filled with resentment and fury, cursing the heartless world.

“Taowu’s” existence immediately became even more consolidated. His body spread out more as his colossal eye swiveled around. His gaze swept across the battlefield like a beam of light.

Everyone, whether they were regular soldiers or direct disciples, sank deeper into the mud of fear.

“Taowu” then said, “Sages have no compassion. All are ants.” Looking down from such a great height, humans really did seem as insignificant as ants, crawling along the ground in a frantic fashion. They were so feeble and so fleeting.

“Sages have no compassion. All are ants.”

Several hundred demonfolk roared out wildly. They willingly viewed themselves as lowly and insignificant ants, without any fear for death. A wild aura immediately surpassed the Xuanwu army. For those who possessed a will to live, why even set foot on this horrific battlefield?

In just four short sentences, fifteen short words, “Taowu” had turned the situation around.

The efforts that Li Qingshan and the others had put in from beginning to end only seemed like a joke. What persistence and determination? What all lives are equal? Before absolute power, did that hold any meaning at all?

When I say you are an ant, you are an ant! You are even if you are not!

In the end, “Taowu” looked towards the Xuanwu Army God. His gaze seemed to pierce the army qi, allowing him to see Li Qingshan alone. “I am uncompassionate!”

The sentence that did not contain any power at all was like a log slammed into his chest. A pure and brutal spirit seemed to crush everything.

Boom! The Xuanwu Army God twisted and blurred. The army qi began showing signs of dispersing.

Oh no! Li Qingshan was alarmed inside. The situation was already extremely disadvantageous. He was imbued with such tremendous army qi and still experienced such a great pressure, let alone those direct disciples and regular soldiers.

They all gazed at the shadow over their heads blankly. They could not even see all of “Taowu”. Even the bravest of warriors trembled inside. If it were not for the military formation joining their wills together, “Taowu” could send these five hundred thousand people into madness from his spirit alone.

Li Qingshan understood that if this continued, the army morale would collapse very soon, and the entire army would fall apart. The five hundred thousand soldiers and officers would be completely at their whim, and the enemy had not even launched a proper attack yet.

Faced with such dire straits, perhaps others would have thought of retreat already, but this sense of repression only ignited Li Qingshan’s stubbornness, granting him even greater fighting spirit. His chest heaved a few times, and he roared furiously, “Advance!”

The Xuanwu Army God advanced with its head held high, just like when Li Qingshan charged into the demonfolk army alone, swinging its blade towards “Taowu”!

The sound was like thunder, and the blade moved like lightning, ripping through the terrifying shadow cast down by “Taowu”. The will of the army shook, gazing towards Li Qingshan, gazing towards their “army god”.

The slash made Tu Wancheng jerk away from his “sweet dream”. He recovered from Demon God Taowu’s powerful and brutal spirit, both surprised and furious.

“Taowu” extended his hand and grabbed the blade. There was a sliver of disbelief in the firm and furious voice, “How dare you challenge a god!?”

“Challenge?” Li Qingshan smiled. “No, I’m going to butcher you!”

“Hah, just with you?” Tu Wancheng began to laugh.

“Taowu’s” other arm shot through the air like a black dragon. The huge, black hand suddenly reached towards the Xuanwu Army God’s head.

With a bang, space shook.

The Xuanwu Army God threw a punch at the huge palm, and its legs sank deeply into the ground by who knew how many metres.

The contrast in their size was like a child to a burly adult, but he was able to put up a struggle.

Li Qingshan gritted his teeth. “I’m not alone!” He roared out, “Advance!!”

Before he knew it, the army qi that had almost collapsed actually condensed together again.

The general was the courage of the army! The soldiers all recovered from their fears and murmured, “General!”

Tu Wancheng said viciously, “I will crush you to pieces!”

“Taowu” suddenly lowered his head and emitted a ring of demonic light from his colossal eye, enveloping the Xuanwu Army God.

The Xuanwu Army God burned in the demonic light. Its golden armour dimmed as its cape became ragged, reduced to ashes inch by inch.

The towering figure had been firmly suppressed, without any ability to fight back. The earth arched up behind its feet, forming two small hills, but it still refused to take a step back.

Huo Hua was dumbfounded. “This kid… is crazy!”

Under “Taowu’s” gaze, once the Xuanwu Army God collapsed, everyone would have the opportunity to escape. Only Li Qingshan would die for sure.

However, Li Liehuo began to laugh. He laughed extremely heartily and passed an order.

At the same time, Li Qingshan’s great bellow rang out from the distance.


The five commandants shuddered inside and questioned loudly, “Have you forgotten about the oath you swore last night?”

“We would never! We’re willing to fight to the death with the general!”

“The general’s order! Advance!”

“Advance! Advance! Advance!”

The ordinary faces actually began to give off a glow similar to the “awakening” of buddhism, without any worry or fear, completely embracing death.

The war drums boomed through the air, but the soldiers had instead fallen silent. There was only the clanging of armour, filled with the determination to die. They followed behind Li Qingshan’s footsteps and began advancing towards the unbelievable colossal “Taowu”, towards the several million demonfolk!

Wan Jianfeng felt warmth well up in his chest. He flicked his sword. “Fellows, let’s fight!”

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