Chapter 1490 - Horrific
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1490 - Horrific

“Let’s lend junior brother Li a hand!” Dai Mengfan said with determination, “Kill this monster!”

Originally, the optimal choice was to bypass the “Taowu” condensed from army qi and directly slaughter the regular demonfolk, but if no one else helped out under this situation, the Xuanwu Army God would collapse before long.

She tossed out a gentle, half-transparent cloth that swelled in the air, blotting out the sky in the blink of an eye. The clouds surged within it as magnificent as the burning clouds when the sun set, looming over “Taowu’s” head.

The Gauze Cloth of Scorching Clouds was an arcane treasure personally bestowed to her by the sect master. It could envelop a range of several hundred kilometres and was extremely powerful. Once caught, even Demon Sovereigns could not escape.

Swish! Wan Jianfeng twisted his sword, and a streak of light shot out. He moved ahead of them, slashing at “Taowu’s” colossal eye.

The Exquisite Ship of Seven Treasures rumbled, firing away with its cannons. Within the sound of scraping and expanding metal, the stern of the ship completely swung open, forming a colossal main cannon that gathered specks of light.

All of the direct disciples unleashed their full strength, utilising their proudest techniques and strongest arcane treasures to attack “Taowu”.

Lu Boming said firmly, “Fire!”

The Exquisite Ship of Seven Treasures suddenly emitted thousands of streaks of light. The main cannon blasted out with a blue column of light, slamming against “Taowu’s” chest heavily.

At that moment, dazzling light criss-crossed through the sky. The light collapsed and scattered, swallowing “Taowu’s” colossal figure and making him lean backwards slightly, letting go of the Xuanwu Army God.

Only then could Li Qingshan catch his breath, but he felt no joy at all. An even greater sensation of danger surged forth. This is still not enough, nowhere close to being enough!

Lu Boming stood at the window of the ship, gazing at the rare, imposing sight. He thought, An attack like this can even flatten a mountain, so just how many times can that “fake Taowu” endure? I sure was overwhelmed by the Demon God’s spirit and pressure earlier. This is a perfect opportunity for my Exquisite Ship of Seven Treasures to make a great contribution to the situation.

The glorious attacks basically gave all of the direct disciples confidence. It was as if they could see the light of victory.

At this moment, one of the dice in Le Tian’s hand crumbled to powder. His temples rapidly became a frosty-white. He suddenly opened his eyes. “This is a lost game!”

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With a rip, the Gauze Cloth of Scorching Clouds was torn apart. All of the arcane treasures were knocked away or directly destroyed.

A huge, black hand suddenly extended out from the light, grabbing the Exquisite Ship of Seven Treasures in the air.

Before Lu Boming could even respond, the ship window had been enveloped by darkness. With another ping, it shattered! The hull groaned as it twisted and ruptured, rapidly being crushed.

Boom! “Taowu” had crushed the indestructible Exquisite Ship of Seven Treasures, tossing it aside like garbage.

Lu Boming burst out from the distorted ship. He was covered in blood with his bones exposed. His body was basically on the verge of collapse.

Dai Mengfan cried out, “Be careful, junior brother Lu!”

The terrifying shadow loomed over him again. Lu Boming raised his head and darkness filled his eyes. It took him quite a while before he recognised that was the shape of a foot. Horror directly filled his heart.



The giant foot stomped down, and the ground shook. Fragments of the Exquisite Ship of Seven Treasures scattered, and Lu Boming’s aura vanished. Even his Yang Soul had failed to escape.

With just a grasp and a stomp, the master of the Spiritual Treasure workshop, Lu Boming, had perished!

The direct disciples were all dumbfounded, unable to believe everything that had happened before their eyes. A mighty Human Sovereign had actually died so easily.

Light danced about as the dust scattered. “Taowu” was virtually unscathed. Tu Wancheng laughed madly. “Insects! You’re all insects!”

“Taowu’s” huge, lone eye abruptly emitted a beam of dark red light, even thicker than the blast from the main cannon of the Exquisite Ship of Seven Treasures earlier. It pierced through the air and swept through the surroundings.

It basically hit all the direct disciples. Their various protective techniques shattered. Only their protective arcane treasures managed to hold off the attack, launching them away violently.

Only a burly direct disciple that rode a pi bear raised a black, heavy Shield of Solemnity, blocking the blast forcefully.

Dai Mengfan warned him. “Junior brother Pi, don’t bite off more than you can chew!”

However, it was already too late. “Taowu” narrowed his eyes. The dark-red beam of light directly shrank to the size of a bucket, immediately piercing the shield.

The direct disciple lowered his head slowly. A great hole had appeared in his chest, and even his Yang Soul had been pierced. Right when the bear pi under him let out a miserable groan, the beam of light swept down and split it in half. The human and bear corpses fell out of the air together.

A second direct disciple had died, together with a Daemon Sovereign mount. Three powerful existences that had undergone the fifth heavenly tribulation had been butchered like dogs and pigs.

The direct disciples felt like they were about to go insane, or perhaps they had already gone insane. All of their hopes shattered. The intensity and horrors of war surpassed their imaginations.

This was not a duel where they had various life-preserving measures available to them, where they could flee with their Yang Soul if they really ran out of choices. This was war. No one was absolutely safe. Even Human Sovereigns could be killed easily. “Taowu” only had to gaze at any single one of them earlier, and none of them could say they would definitely be able to survive.

Fear gripped everyone. Suddenly, there was a flash of golden light. “Taowu” lowered his head, only to see the colossal blade in the Xuanwu Army God’s hand piercing his abdomen. The blade qi erupted immediately, and the two clusters of army qi collided violently.

Within the deafening war drums, the Xuanwu army charged into the demonfolk camp. The demonfolk had mobilised their armies as well to receive the enemy. Unlike the silence of the human soldiers, the demonfolk roared away hoarsely. Their battle cries boomed through the air, engaging the human soldiers.

With the whistling winds, they rapidly drew closer to one another.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

On the uneven land, floods of metal collided. They swung down with their weapons as spears stood like forests and crossbow bolts filled the air. The cold weapons furiously reaped at the flesh.

Blood dyed the land red very soon. A long, red “line” rapidly expanded.

Every front line was a hunting ground where the teeth of the giant beasts of war collided. No one retreated, whether they were frenzied demonfolk or silent humans. They all plunged their weapons into their enemy as hard as they could before being cut down by enemies that appeared after them.

The demonfolk had an army of several million, so they possessed an absolute advantage in numbers, and they were particularly fierce and frenzied, basically charging towards the Xuanwu army while asking to be killed.

However, the Xuanwu army possessed better prowess on the battlefield. Five soldiers formed a group of five, led by a five-man squad leader. Ten soldiers formed a squad of ten, led by a ten-man squad leader. A hundred men formed a squadron, led by a squadron leader.

Their arrangements were clear and distinct, and they worked together. Under the lead of the commandants, colonels, and lieutenants, they constantly pushed forwards with the determination to die. A shadow swayed in all of their hearts.

The flood of metal advanced like it was unstoppable, slaughtering and swallowing all the demonfolk they encountered. They were constantly cut down as well. With every passing moment, people fell.

There was no objective and no end. There was only a single belief, a roar, “Advance!”

In the mad slaughter, their army qi burned like fire. It did not weaken with their deaths in battle. Instead, the Xuanwu Army Qi swelled up even more as its tattered cape fluttered in the air, doing its best to push its giant blade even deeper.

A giant, black hand fell down, grabbing the Xuanwu Army God’s head. “Taowu” had become even larger than before.

“An ant trying to shake a tree, a completely futile effort!”

The Xuanwu Army God’s helmet twisted and collapsed in the hand, revealing a cold expression similar to Li Qingshan’s. The drumming of horse hooves became deafening.

In the distance, the glow of fire filled the air as an army of thousands surged. A knight of scorching fire rode over on a fine steed.

The Scorching Fire Army God!

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