Chapter 1491 - Terror
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1491 - Terror

Firelight filled the sky. The flames surged as the army god stood dignified.

It was impossible to hide such a large-scale mobilising of an army from the Demon Sovereigns. Demonfolk armies had been prepared for them a long time ago.

The cavalry surged out, drumming across the ground, which left even the maddest demonfolk slightly shocked.

With a thrum, thousands of bows and crossbows sang out together. The sky lit up as a cloud of fire rose up. That was the result of countless fiery arrows, directly raining down on the demonfolk army. Countless demonfolk howled out and collapsed.

The cavalry soon arrived, and the Scorching Fire Army God charged at the very front, wielding a long spear of flames. With just a gentle sweep, thousands of demonfolk were reduced to ash. Even the Demon Emperor that led the army had been burned to death.

The direct disciples suddenly developed a hint of hope. If the two army gods worked together against “Taowu”, perhaps they could still put up a battle.

However, Li Liehuo had absolutely no intentions of making his way over. The hundred thousand cavalry continued onwards, breaching the demonfolk camp. The Scorching Fire Army God directly charged towards the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous.

Li Qingshan nodded in agreement. This was the optimal choice, as well as the only choice.

The army god could not travel too far away from the army. They were several dozen kilometres apart, and the terrain was uneven. It seemed like the Scorching Fire Army God could make its way over in an instant, but the regular soldiers were clad in armour, and many demonfolk blocked their path, so how could they rush over so swiftly?

And even if the two army gods worked together, they probably were not this “Taowu’s” opponent. Only by destroying the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous could they win the battle.

That was the greatest function of Li Liehuo’s sudden strike.

Tu Wancheng sneered. “Is that it?”

“Taowu” abruptly crushed the Xuanwu Army God’s head. The clumps of dispersed army qi spilled out from between his fingers.

The Xuanwu Army God grunted as if it was roaring furiously. Even when it had lost its head, it still took a step forward and thrust the blade all the way in, turning the hilt as hard as possible, such that it churned up the army qi in “Taowu’s” belly.

The surroundings were dim. It was as if they had returned to the battlefield of the ancient times, where supernatural beings bled.

Dai Mengfan ordered the direct disciples to continue with their attacks, but they all just cast protective techniques in a hurry. Only a small number of them listened to her and continued their assault on “Taowu”, but it posed no threat at all.

In the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous, Ying Zhe smiled. “Human cultivators are a bunch of cowards after all. They aren’t even as great as mortals.”

A Demon Sovereign said fearfully, “If they’re all as desperate and suicidal as these mortals, then this battle would be troublesome!”

The Xuanwu Army God continued to advance silently. The flood of metal was completely unobstructed, whether it was demonfolk or army formations, fear or death.

The firelight in the distance constantly pressed closer. At first glance, the fierce Scorching Fire Army God seemed to have arrived already.

Murderousness, malice, and determination! Battle intent, fury, and madness!

They surged forth like waves, rushing into the air and dyeing the sky with a smear of blood-red.

Ying Zhe ordered, “Tu Wancheng, stop wasting time. End the battle quickly!”

“Shut your mouth!”

“Taowu” suddenly looked back and said firmly, “I don’t need you ordering me around!”

Ying Zhe shut his eyes. “If you lose this battle, you know what will be awaiting you.” He ground his teeth inside. You piece of shit strutting around with the powers of others, I’ll show you what’s what soon!

“Taowu” looked back at the headless Xuanwu Army God. His gaze pierced the surging army qi at the neck, locking onto Li Qingshan inside. He said, “Die!”

He was nowhere near foolish enough to try and outlast the Xuanwu Army God in terms of army qi. That was something that only occurred when their strength was similar. He clenched his huge, black hand, pouring all of his strength inside. Kicking up a series of black waves, he pierced the Xuanwu Army God’s chest with a punch.

The golden armour shattered immediately, and Li Qingshan inside vaguely saw a mass of black shoot towards him, like the envelopment of the shadow of death.

It was too fast!

Even when he knew where the attack was coming from, he could not respond in time at all, let alone dodge the punch. Under the pressure of “Taowu’s” terrifying spirit, even his thoughts became sluggish.

It was absolute strength, absolute speed, and absolute spirit. With the three combined, even an ordinary strike could kill Human Sovereigns, needing no other fancy tricks.

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Li Qingshan could only gather the surging army qi and obstruct the punch slightly while unleashing the Ox Demon Forges its Hide. His skin darkened.

In the next moment, agony shot through his body as his bones ruptured. He felt like he had been struck by a mountain.

With a bang, Li Qingshan flew out from the Xuanwu Army God’s back, soaring towards Black Cloud city.

Boom! Boom! Boom! He smashed through three consecutive towers and landed on a drilling ground. The entire drilling ground collapsed, turning into a great pit and directly leading to the caverns below. Li Qingshan disappeared down there, his fate unknown.

The towers collapsed with a great rumble.

“Qingshan!” Ruan Yaozhu cried out, but she could not bring herself back to check. No matter how “simpled-minded” she was, she could still tell that there would be an “avalanche” if she retreated now.

After having its head crushed, the colossal Xuanwa Army God had its chest pierced as well, ejecting Li Qingshan from inside. The army qi dissipated rapidly, no longer possessing any ability to battle. The direct disciples were forced to face the terrifying “Taowu” alone.

Dai Mengfan gritted her teeth painfully. They were probably going to lose this battle. She wondered how many direct disciples would be able to escape, but the army of a million would probably all perish here.

“This is your fate for opposing a Demon God!”

Tu Wancheng laughed madly. “Taowu” opened his huge mouth and let out a firm laugh. He was extremely confident in the power behind that punch. It was probably even enough to kill his Yang Soul, without any possibility of escaping.

As for the remaining “Xuanwu army”, just a stomp of his could crush a few thousand to death and shake several tens of thousands to death.

However, these ants held no value in being killed. They only found the courage to advance after being encouraged and deceived. Now that their commander had died in battle, they would collapse very soon. He could leave them to be butchered by regular demonfolk.

As a result, “Taowu” cast his gaze towards the direct disciples again, like he was looking at a herd of lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Li Liehuo watched as the Xuanwu Army God was defeated. He shivered inside. However, he was still a fair distance away from the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous right now. By the time he had made it to the formation, probably all the direct disciples would have been slain already.

As a result, he could no longer care too much. The Scorching Fire Army God suddenly tightened its reins on its battle horse. The crimson horse and flames rose into the air, lifting up its front hooves. It tightened its grip around its spear and pulled it backwards, pouring all of its strength inside. The flames around it receded. Only the spear in its hand shone brilliantly and blindingly, making the surroundings dim.

It threw the spear towards the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous as hard as possible. A streak of scarlet light pierced the air.

His target was Ying Zhe!

Out of the eleven Demon Sovereigns, four of them could serve as targets. It made no difference which one he chose. This was the absolute difference in strength. Even if all the Demon Sovereigns of the Demon domain gathered here, none of them could block that spear. However, he noticed the dispute between Ying Zhe and Tu Wancheng. Demonfolk were extremely hateful and vengeful, so perhaps there was a chance for him to land the attack.

As long as he killed even one Demon Sovereign, the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous would fall, and “Taowu” would cease to exist. The demonfolk would lose their target of worship, and they would not be able to gather army qi anymore.

The eleven remaining Demon Sovereigns would be completely at the whim of the Scorching Fire Army God by then!

Ying Zhe narrowed his eyes as the scarlet light blinded him. All of the power behind the Twelve Citadel Demon Formation of the Ominous was used to support “Taowu’s” materialisation, so they were defenceless right now.

And if it was just him, even if he had noticed the movements of the Scorching Fire Army God a long time ago, it was all the same. He could not escape. All he could do was watch as death arrived.

The terrors of war were the same to both sides.

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