Chapter 1492 - Asura Field
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1492 - Asura Field

The tip of the scarlet spear was almost transparent as if it had been condensed from flames. It illuminated Ying Zhe’s twisted, fearful face. The surging flames stuck close to the spear, rising up from behind and producing a long tail of red light, still within the Scorching Fire Army God’s hand.

So what if he was the strongest of the twelve Demon Sovereigns? So what if Demon Sovereigns possessed tough physiques? Before absolute strength, they were as feeble as mortals.

They only needed an instant to be completely annihilated.

But in the next moment, the spear of fire froze mid-air, falling into a huge, black hand.

“Taowu’s” mountainous figure moved with unbelievable speed, such that it seemed absurd and wrong.

Almost at the same time, another two direct disciples perished. They had been slain before “Taowu” provided assistance.

He tightened his grip gently, and the spear of fire exploded violently. Waves of heat rolled out pressingly, and Ying Zhe fended them off miserably. His eyebrows and beard were singed off. He knew Tu Wancheng had done this intentionally, so he resented him even more, but he said nothing.

Li Liehuo’s heart suddenly sank. Tu Wancheng gazed at him and sneered. “Only you and I remain. If you get off your horse and surrender immediately, I might just spare your life.”

He directly dismissed the direct disciples, completely unworthy of any attention.

However, that definitely was not bravado. From the terrors of consecutive deaths, the direct disciples actually lost the courage to continue their attack on “Taowu”. They had been completely overwhelmed.

Those who were well off avoided all risks. What they possessed was beyond anything that a mortal could possess, so how could they let go of all that so easily? Just holding their ground persistently at a time like this was already very impressive of them.

Li Liehuo’s expression changed several times before he abruptly began to laugh aloud. Was Li Qingshan’s path supposed to be the real deal, while his was fake? If fire could not burn, then all that would remain would be dirty ash.

“Huo Hua, are you ready to face death with me?”

“Cut the bullshit! Your path is my path!”

“Alright!” Li Liehuo’s expression became determined. The horse hooves flew as the Scorching Fire Army God erupted forwards, charging towards “Taowu!

Tu Wancheng laughed madly. “You’re asking to die!”

“Taowu” spread his arms at the same time, curling his finger in and reaching towards the Scorching Fire Army God.

The direct disciples all looked towards Dai Mengfan. She thought quickly and ordered, “Fellows, assist me in killing the demonfolk. They don’t have the protection of demon qi. In short, we have to help out senior brother Li!”

If she ordered everyone to assault “Taowu” again at a time like this, there would definitely be people who hesitated. Some might even directly defy that order. The situation would completely collapse by then.

Only through a method like that could they help Li Liehuo slightly, just in hopes that he could last a little longer. If they could kill a million demonfolk, “Taowu’s” battle prowess would definitely decline, but they also understood how naive of a thought that was.

It’s impossible for the Scorching Fire Army God to last that long! What are we supposed to do?

Ke Xin could not help but ease up. The pressure that “Taowu” gave her was far too great. She was tempted to leave the battlefield immediately, never to return, but she did not have the courage to be the first one to defy a military order.

If she became the chief offender, the Myriad sect would never spare her. Perhaps even the Desireless Heavenly Palace would send someone to capture her. By then, even fleeing to the ends of the world was useless. As a result, even if she was reluctant, she could only go ahead with it.

At this moment, she suddenly sensed an invisible restraint and pressure descend from above. Even the circulation of her powers became sluggish, and the strength of her techniques plummeted as well. Hmm? Why does this seem like another boundary zone? She glanced at the sky. Since when did the sky turn red?

The “red” seeped down from the sky, soaking the air and soil like a thin veil.

On the bloody ground, the eyelids on the corpse of a human soldier suddenly twitched. He opened his eyes again. “That’s strange. Didn’t I… die?”

He could not help but touch his neck, only to discover that his wound was currently healing. Before he could remain confused for too long, he seemed to hear another voice urging him in the ear, Go and kill the enemies! Go and battle!

Before his blood had even cooled, it became even more scorching than before. He remembered the general’s order again—advance!

As a result, he grabbed his blade and climbed up again. He felt endless power surge through his body. Gazing out on the corpse-ridden land, the “corpses” began to stand up again, slashing at the demonfolk corpses that had just risen beside them and beginning a new round of slaughter.

“An Asura Field.”

Dai Mengfan felt powerless. Now of all times.

The layout of the six realms of saṃsāra was not a series of overlapping layers or distributed in parallel. Instead, it was one body that cycled through itself, possessing a structure beyond belief. It was connected with the trichiliocosm as well, which was why it was called “saṃsāra”.

Every single realm possessed its special characteristics. The Hungry Ghost realm constantly devoured, the Human realm welcomed all, and the Hell realm was the place of return for souls.

The Asura realm would constantly gather souls that fell in battle throughout the six realms of saṃsāra and trichiliocosm, converting them into asura and adding them to the endless bloody battle.

The will of the Asura realm loved large-scale, intense battles like this. Whenever a situation like this occurred, Asura Fields would definitely descend, temporarily endowing the warriors that were filled with fighting spirit and killing intent with some special characteristics of asura, such as the undying body of asura.

The more intense a battle was, the grander its scale was, the larger and stronger the Asura Field would be, such that it even approached the Asura realm itself.

In this battle, both sides had over five million soldiers fighting in total, and they had all embraced death. The scale and intensity was so great that even throughout the six realms of saṃsāra, it was extremely rare.

As a result, the Asura Field was particularly grand. Wounds that were supposed to be lethal were now insignificant. They could even regrow limbs and come back from the dead. Their frail bodies as mortals could support them through even more intense battles, constantly killing and being killed. They gathered experience through the intense pain, producing true battle souls through the great terror of life and death.

Of course, they were not asura yet, nor did they possess truly undying bodies. Even Human Sovereigns struggled to preserve themselves in such an intense battle, let alone mortals. The Asura Field had no concept of friend or enemy either. Both sides benefitted.

As a result, a large number of warriors would still die in the battle, and the Asura realm would be able to collect these experienced and refined battle souls, converting them into true asura.

However, this was basically a nightmare to the direct disciples. They had already faced enough repulsion from the Demon domain. Now, with the Asura Field’s arrival, that was equivalent to the merging between the laws of the Asura realm and the Demon domain. It was equivalent to turning the entire battlefield into a boundary.

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The Asura realm only blessed true warriors too. If they did not possess a fighting spirit, even Human Sovereigns would face rejection. Under the rejection of two worlds, some direct disciples could not even use half of their strength.

Wan Jianfeng only felt both suppression and assistance. While his strength had decreased overall, he had become much more motivated and high-spirited. He formed a seal. “A sword as a myriad!”

Ten thousand swords pierced the air! They immediately nailed over ten thousand demonfolk into the ground.

Originally, it was extremely efficient for Human Sovereigns to carry out massacres when they used their respective techniques. Working together, there was nothing difficult about killing a million demonfolk.

However, they discovered very soon that most of the demonfolk did not actually die after being killed unless their bodies were completely destroyed. They could still crawl along the ground even if they were only left with half of their bodies, roaring away at the sky and gathering army qi for “Taowu”.

Regular demonfolk had always possessed physiques stronger than regular humans. In particular, their regeneration was startling. The Asura Field basically made it even more powerful, turning them all into unkillable cockroaches.

The direct disciples basically despaired. Just earlier, they were already doomed. Now, they faced even more restraints. By the time “Taowu” destroyed the Scorching Fire Army God and rushed over again, they would not even have any hope to escape.

Ke Xin murmured, “I don’t want to die here…”

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