Chapter 6: The sealed Xuanyuan Sword (Part 1)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 6: The sealed Xuanyuan Sword (Part 1)

“Then, Wan’er, how can the second seal be released?” Feng Xiao wanted to release all the seals as soon as possible and see the true power of the Xuanyuan sword.

“Master, to release the second seal, it requires…….It requires the blood of a qilin.” Xuanyuan Wan’er anxiously said.


If Feng Xiao’s feet weren’t steady, he would have fallen down.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

What was a qilin? It was number one among the sacred beasts of the Heavenly Dragon Continent, it could be considered the peak existence on the Heavenly Dragon Continent. Obtaining a qilin’s blood? What a joke. It could kill countless level 100 players just by letting out a fart.

“Master, I know that this is very hard, but at least there is still hope. I believe that one day, master will be able to do it. Wan’er hasn’t given up after countless tens of thousands of years, but haven’t I succeeded in breaking free now! What master needs to do now is become strong as fast as possible.” Xuanyuan Wan’er comforted Feng Xiao in a soft voice. To her, this master was her only hope right now.

“Relax, Wan’er. I won’t give up that easily. Without giving it a try, how could I know whether I’ll succeed or not?” Wan’er’s words aroused Feng Xiao’s pride. How could he lose to this little girl? Moreover, the Xuanyuan Sword was his lifetime goal. Although he was currently owned it inside of a game, how could he just easily give it up?

A seal that could suppress the Xuanyuan Sword, how could it be easy to release? This, will just be considered as trial for me. Feng Xiao decided deep in his heart.

“Wan’er, can you tell me about the great battle between demons and gods? Also, why was the Xuanyuan Sword sealed?” Feng Xiao asked about the issues he still had questions on. When Xuanyuan Wan’er spoke of the great battle between demons and gods, he didn’t feel any emotions in response. After all, every game had some kind of backstory and the great battle between demons and gods was probably one of the historical moments of the game.

“Although Wan’er doesn’t know a lot of the specific details, Wan’er still knows most of the general details. Does master still want to listen?”

“Un, tell me about it Wan’er. Also in the future…..there’s no need to call me master. It is a little…..strange. You can just call me Wind Spirit, or if you’re willing, you can call me Big Brother Feng.” A name like “Master” to a modern person like Feng Xiao, it seemed a little…...too evil.

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