Chapter 5: Xuanyuan Wan’er (Part 2)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 5: Xuanyuan Wan’er (Part 2)


A graceful and familiar female voice rang in his ears. Feng Xiao quickly stood up and curiously looked all around him. When he found that there was no one around, he tried listening once again, but he could only heard the sound of the wind blowing.

“I probably just hear wrong.” Feng Xiao began with his collecting.


This time, Feng Xiao clearly heard it. Even his incomparably brave heart couldn’t help but feel a trace of fear. Perhaps…..ghosts do exist.

“Who are you? Where are you?” Feng Xiao screamed into his surroundings.

“I… in your…...body. Summon the…….Xuanyuan Sword…...blood…….”

The sound became softer and softer until he couldn’t hear it anymore.

Inside his body? Xuanyuan Sword? Attached? Perhaps…...

Feng Xiao suddenly thought of a single possibility. He quickly gathered himself and silently thought “Xuanyuan Sword”.

A white light shined and a copper coloured plain long sword appeared in his hand. The sword was about 150 cms in length, with the blade being 120 cms in length and 15 cms in width. There were intricate patterns carved on the blade of the sword. On one side there were celestial bodies carved, on the other, there were mountains and rivers. There were a few words written clearly on the sword hilt.

Xuanyuan Sword! It had to be the Xuanyuan Sword! Although it was quite different compared to the invincible, golden, and radiant image that he had imagined, but Feng Xiao was certain this was the Xuanyuan Sword that the system had said acknowledged him as its master. It was because the vaguely visible text on the sword was the same as the legends said.

Feng Xiao was so excited his hands trembled. He quickly looked at the Xuanyuan Sword’s stats.

Xuanyuan Sword: Unknown grade

Requirement: None

Effects: Physical Attack +1

Crazy, this was completely crazy. This was the Xuanyuan sword, the strongest out of the ten Ancient Divine Artifacts and it was unexpectedly inferior to a Beginner’s Sword. Feng Xiao’s excitement was ruthlessly extinguished by a bucket of cold water. It was like throwing a bunch of bean shaped chocolate into your mouth to find that it was actually lamb poop.

The depressed Feng Xiao suddenly thought of something. He remembered that the sound had mentioned blood before. Perhaps it needed blood to be dropped onto it for it to recognize him as its master?

Without any hesitation, Feng Xiao quickly placed his hand on the sword and thought: let blood flow!

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