Chapter 4: Xuanyuan Wan’er (Part 1)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 4: Xuanyuan Wan’er (Part 1)

After leaving Madame Ma’s small house, Feng Xiao realized that his gaming time had passed 4 hours. It was a pity that he was still at level 0, 0%.

“There should be people at level 5 now.” Feng Xiao was depressed as he thought about this. First creating his account had taken over 2 hours and now he had been detained by the NPC for another two hours. In the end, he had received a quest that was impossible. On step at a time, but it was a pity that his starting point was way behind the other players.

At this time, the crowd around the NPCs was a lot smaller. After all the Chinese server had over 100000 Beginner Villages, each village had a few thousand players and 4 hours had already passed.

He should go and find a quest that didn’t require fighting mobs first. Feng Xiao ran towards the least populated pharmacy.

“Ding. Player Feng Xiao, there is someone calling you on the phone. Do you wish to connect?”


The use of the gaming chamber was that it could use radio waves to connect allow the people in game to pick up the phone.

“Boss, my «Rebirth». Wu, wu, wu, wu~~” After it connected, the call was filled with Xiao Tian’s wild crying.

Xiao Tian and Chen Bing were Xiao Feng’s fated followers. They were also two of the few people who knew his true identity. The two people’s personalities were opposites, Xiao Tian was very open and loved playing with treasures whereas Chen Bing was like his name stated, cold as ice.

“Aren’t you on that devil’s training mission right now? How do you have time to call me?” Disregarding the other party’s tear filled complaints, Feng Xiao asked out of curiosity.

“It’s time to eat so I stole a communications device, hei, hei…..Boss, what does the game feel like? It must be great. What level are you now?”

“Ke, ke, it feels great, it feels just like reality. As for my level, you’ll know when you come back. Do you think your boss is a normal person?” Feng Xiao coughed to cover up. If this little brat knew that he was still at level 0, he would laugh himself to death.

“Ai, you have no way of understanding my sadness. This feeling is like using tens of thousands of methods to convince a beautiful girl to sleep with you, only to discover your own impotence. That ice cube actually said he doesn’t care, but his face actually turned really ugly…..Ah!!~~That bastard ice cube hit me…...What, old man ye didn’t come? Boss, we won’t say anything else. Once we come back, you have to bring us to dominate the «Rebirth» world!”

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