Chapter 3: An impossible quest
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 3: An impossible quest

Surrounding the Beginner Village were level 1 rabbits, but it was also filled with a large crowd of people. Often there were 5-6 people guarding a rabbit’s respawn point. As soon as a rabbit spawned, it would be instantly killed with countless short swords and elemental balls.

After waiting for half a day, he finally saw a single rabbit. Feng Xiao’s blade quickly chopped over and at the same time, information was transmitted into his head from Eye of the Soul.

Rabbit: Level 1

Life: 30 HP

Skills: None.

A group of rabbits with violent tendencies. Be careful of its large carrot.

A sword fell down and a red -6 appeared above the rabbit’s head. The rabbit received the attack and immediately raised its large carrot to attack Feng Xiao.


Critical hit! Feng Xiao was lucky enough to receive a critical attack that happens once every ten thousand years and his HP went to zero.

“Ding, Player Feng Xiao has just died. Do you wish to revive in the beginner village?”


Feng Xiao was so depressed he wanted to smash his head on the wall. He was probably the first person that had been killed in a single hit by a low level rabbit…...Although that was because his defense and HP was too low.

“Fuck, I was actually killed by the rabbit. Big Brother, how did you do it? Little brother is really impressed……”

Before he revived, Feng Xiao had heard someone say this phrase which made his heart die.

A white light shined and Feng Xiao reappeared in the Beginner Village with a depressed face. He couldn’t level from killing mobs, it was too embarrassing. It would be better to finish quests first.

The Beginner Village only had a few houses and there were also only a few NPCs. At this time they had all being surrounded completely by players. Feng Xiao gave a slight sob. Who knows how long it would be before he could get a quest.

Feng Xiao noticed that the only person that wasn’t being surrounded was an old man sitting by the wall. The old man had tattered clothing and his eyes were closed. His beard was like a pile of grass on his face. At this time he was curled up motionlessly, just like an aged statue.

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