Chapter 2: From Hell to Heaven
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 2: From Hell to Heaven

“Analyzing DNA, binding complete…….Analyzing brain waves, binding complete…….Analyzing retinas, binding complete…….”

“Player’s name: Feng Xiao. Sex: Male. ID Number: XXXXXXXXXXX. Age: 21. Home address: China’s Jinghua City, Phoenix District. Player Server: China. Are these character details correct?”

“Correct.” It truly is worthy of being called the world’s gene bank system. As long as they wanted, they could even track down all eighteen generations of ancestors.

“The information has been successfully confirmed. Now binding identity. Now please enter the character creation process.”

“Please name your character. Your name cannot contain any insults or any vulgarities. The shortest it can be is 2 characters and it cannot surpass 20 characters.”

“Wind Spirit!” Feng Xiao had already long thought of a good name. This name to him, it held quite a bit of significance.

“The name is not currently in use so it can be used. Character name successfully chosen.”

“Please choose your beginner job. Beginner jobs can be divided into Physical Apprentice or Magic Apprentice. Please pick now.”

“Physical Apprentice.” Apprentices were divided into physical and magical categorizations. Physical Apprentices had no skills and they could only attack by straight slices. Once they reached level 10 they could transfer to a physical based job in the city. Magic Apprentices had an innate skill which allowed them to use the most preliminary magic - elemental ball. They could change to a magic based job after level 10.

“You’ve successfully selected your job. Now please assign your character’s stat points. Each player has an initial 50 points to distribute and now your body will be scanned to determine your character’s stats! Luck and Perception will have a random value between 1-5. The four other main stats will have a value between 1-20.”

“Currently undergoing body scan, please wait a minute……”

«Rebirth» had 6 main stats which included:

Strength: Influences physical attack strength.

Vitality: Influences max HP and defense.

Agility: Influences accuracy and dodge rate.

Intelligence: Influences magical attack strength and max MP.

Luck: Influences the drop rate, critical attack rate, and the success rate of ingame events. This was a fixed attribute, it couldn’t be increased by adding points.

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