Chapter 1: A conventional beginning
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 1: A conventional beginning

Year 2209, July 1st. A hot summer morning, China’s capital city.

“Welcome to the «Rebirth» world. There is still 35 minutes before the release, please wait patiently.”

Feng Xiao helplessly came out of the gaming chamber and continued to glance over the official website in hope of finding any possible useful information.

After being a bored unemployed man for so long, Feng Xiao wasn’t able to remember just how many online games he had played already. But there had never been a game he anticipated more than this one. Other than «Rebirth»’s unprecedented features, it was more for his father’s scary but accurate prophecy and his unclear mission.

«Rebirth» was a virtual reality video game and it had appeared very unexpectedly. A year ago, the thirty countries of the world had suddenly began to advertise about «Rebirth» and the promotions for it were unprecedented. On the television, the internet, magazines, billboards, bus sides, and even roadside poles, almost all the places where a person could be had a trace of «Rebirth».

What was even more shocking was the fact that the promotions were launched by the government of the countries. Soon after, the government gave some shocking news: the game had been written and developed by “Ying Luo”, which once again pushed «Rebirth»’s popularity up another level. The game had not yet been released and yet it’s popularity had reached a blood boiling level.

What, you don’t know “Ying Luo”? I’ll seriously ask you a question, are you even someone from earth?

In the 23rd century where a network had covered 99% of the earth, almost all of the communication, information, life, transportation, and military were dependant on that network. If there was anyone that could force the network to stop in a country, he would be considered a terrifying existence.

And “Ying Luo” was this kind of existence.

“Ying Luo” had appeared 20 years ago on the network and no one knew where she had come from. Some people believed that she was a “spiritual body” created by the network’s intelligence. Some people believed that she was something created by the network to maintain order. There were many divided opinions, but it was recognized that she was the god of the web, an omnipotent god. One the internet, she had control over anything and she could easily control any area of the world.

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