Chapter 7: The sealed Xuanyuan Sword (Part 2)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 7: The sealed Xuanyuan Sword (Part 2)

The story Xuanyuan Wan’er told was very simple, even the causes and the ending were only just briefly described, the entire war was told with just a few words. But, Feng Xiao felt as if he could feel the earth shattering scenes.

The battle of gods and demons, how could there be a more shocking war? The attack of the demons fighting against the gods, each revealing their respective abilities. Feng Xiao felt as if he could see this world shattering event, this situation the could shock the world. The blood in his body could not help boiling. Compared to the battle of gods and demons, the normal scene of him sneakily killing someone was simply a joke.

Rebirth, would it be the battle of heaven’s…...

“If I could have experienced the battle of gods and demons, I would be satisfied with dying. Of course, I would be able to revive after dying.” Feng Xiao was fantasizing inside his mind.

“Wan’er, you’re someone from the god realm?”


“Then why did you become a sword spirit? Who was the one that gave you your mission? Was it the Jade Emperor?” Feng Xiao asked out of curiosity.



“.....Why did I become a sword spirit? Why did I become a sword spirit…..Why…..” Wan’er began to mutter.

“Wan’er, what’s wrong? You…..can’t remember why?” Feng Xiao could hear that something was wrong from Wan’er’s voice.

“No…...Don’t ask me this question. I don’t want to remember, I don’t want to remember. Please Big Brother Feng, don’t ask me this question…..Don’t ask me…..” Xuanyuan Wan’er suddenly became hysterical. Her voice began to tremble with emotion, as if she was feeling some kind of heart rending pain.

Feng Xiao was scared by Xuanyuan Wan’er’s crying, “So….Sorry Wan’er, I didn’t know it would be like this. I won’t ask, I won’t ask again. Don’t be sad anymore…..Wan’er……” Facing this kind of weak and gentle girl, Feng Xiao found that he was not willing to hurt her in anyway.

The sounds of her light sobbing did not stop. Feng Xiao stood there in a daze since he didn’t know how to comfort her. After all, he did not understand her, or even know why she reacted in such a way.

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