Chapter 8: Beginning to level
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 8: Beginning to level

Grass Eating Wolf? Feng Xiao rolled his eyes, “There truly are all kinds of things in this world. But, even if you’re a grass eating buddha, this young master will still have to kill you!” He brandished the Xuanyuan Sword in his hand to chop down at the closest white wolf.

-125, -122.

The white wolf did not have a high defense, so it did not even react before it was defeated by Feng Xiao in just two slices. It dropped a red potion and a few copper coins. The pitiful white wolf did not understand why someone would attack it when it was just sitting on the grass minding its own business.

Small Red Potions:

Use Requirements: None

Recovers 100 HP instantly, 10 second cooldown.

“It was taken care of in two slashes?” Feng Xiao curled his lip in disdain. But he completely forgot that the Xuanyuan Sword’s attack power far exceeded his level. Normal players would find it hard to have over 100 even at level 10.

Seeing their companion being attacked, the nearby two white wolves gave an “Ao ao” cry as they charged over. Feng Xiao faced them by brandishing his sword forward.

-122. The wolf that had been hurt immediately counter attacked with its claw. Feng Xiao did not dodge, he wanted to see just how strong the wolf’s attack was.

With a “peng”, the wolf’s claw fiercely fell onto Feng Xiao’s body. A red -21 figure appeared.

Feng Xiao was scared, “It seems like my defense is still too weak.” He didn’t dare allow the white wolf to attack him as it pleased. He had not bought any red potions in the Beginner Village since he had no money, so other than the Small Red Potion that was dropped, he did not have the supplies necessary for travelling out.

Feng Xiao slashed out to defeat the wolf in front of him. The other wolf gave an angry howl and then tried to bite him. Feng Xiao jumped back to avoid its attack and then he quickly slashed out, landing a heavy blow on the white wolf.

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-248. His high luck value allowed him to land a critical attack which doubled the damage. The white wolf unwillingly turned into a corpse as it dropped a blue potion.

Small Magic Potion:

Use Requirement: None

Recovers 100 MP instantly, 10 second cooldown.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for reaching level 1. HP+20, MP+10, Strength+1, Vitality+1, Agility+1, Intelligence+1. You have 5 free stat points to assign.”

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