Chapter 20: Asura and Magic Warrior
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 20: Asura and Magic Warrior

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…….ha, ha, ha, ha…….” Tian Xiu lifted his black hand and patted down on Feng Xiao’s shoulder. He began to laugh in a nervous manner, “Little brat, you are the first person in a thousand years that has dared to talk to me in this manner. Not bad, not bad, you’re truly not bad, ha, ha, ha, ha……”

Feng Xiao grimaced in pain while being patted by Tian Xiu’s dirty hands. He was secretly wondering if this old man was having a stroke from being too excited over meeting an enemy…...He was so angry that he was beating him up while saying he wasn’t that bad. Was this old fellow just a masochist?

“Little brat, do you still want my mask? Yes! As long as you agree to my little request, I will give this Divine Equipment, Asura’s Illusion for free! How about that?” Tian Xiu was not as calm as he appeared to be. Like a piece of wood that had been waiting in the wood for a thousand years and finally being pulled out of the woods, Tian Xiu was like an old virgin blooming.

Divine Equipment? Asura’s Illusion? For free? Feng Xiao felt as if a large meat pie had just fallen out of the sky. Right as he was about to agree, his heart suddenly filled with vigilance. There is no free meal in this world and for this kind of thousand year old monster, they wouldn’t be willing to suffer a loss like this…..

Feng Xiao had a vigilant expression on his face as he asked, “What condition?”

“Oh, little brat, my request is a great benefit for you. I just want you to change into a Hidden Job.”

Changing into a Hidden Job? Feng Xiao almost fainted. This could be considered a request…...To change into a Hidden Job was the dream of every «Rebirth» player. Compared to a normal Job, Hidden Jobs had stronger potentials and powers, but it was very difficult to change into a Hidden Job. There were only a few Hidden Jobs and they were all unique. To change into a Hidden Job, one required an incredible strength as well as incredible luck and opportunity.

Right now this old man wanted him to change into a Hidden Job and give him a piece of Divine Equipment…...Feng Xiao was beginning to suspect if this old man’s head had been kicked in by a donkey.

The other Job Change Instructors all had the same expressions on their faces, but they did not say a single word or even let out a single fart. Only Heavenly War’s face was red from suppressing it in, as if he wanted to say something. After hesitating for a while, he did not say anything in the end, but he had a strange expression on his face.

“Are you certain?” Feng Xiao carefully asked.

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