Chapter 19: Saint Emperor Level Perception
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 19: Saint Emperor Level Perception

“Hello, is this the Job Change center?” Feng Xiao arrived in front of those ugly old men and picked one that was decent to look at to speak to.

“Oh! Ah? You want to change Jobs?” The dispirited gray clothed old man’s eyes suddenly released a golden light as if he had just discovered a mountain of gold. A hand quickly pulled out a wrinkle piece of paper from who knows where, “Come, quickly, sign your name on this piece of paper and you’ll be able to change Jobs…..”

“Eh…...It’s fine just to sign my name?”

“That’s right, you’ll become an honourable knight once you sign this contract. Charging into monsters, saving beautiful women, and fighting bosses by yourself, there are no disadvantages at all. Come…...Sign quickly.”

“What? Knight? But I want to become……”

“Ah? I’ve heard that someone wants to change jobs? Oh, young man, you shouldn’t become a Knight like that old man. Having terrible attack and having to carry around a large and heavy shield all the time. Come and become an Assassin, you’ll be plundering in all directions and having fun with all kinds of women. As long as you become an Assassin…..” The black clothed old man that appeared out of nowhere did not have a chance to finish before another old man suddenly appeared.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

“Aiya, you two undying fools can’t see that he doesn’t want to change into your terrible Jobs? Come, come, young man, you truly have a good eye. We Mages have the highest attack and the most beautiful style, whether it is killing monsters or showing off……”

“Fuck! Move aside you bunch of old things. Little brat, do you want to make your enemies fall down on the ground like a dead dog before they can even get close? Do you want to take an enemy’s life from a hundred steps away? Then change into an Archer! This instructor will teach you and give you benefits. You can learn skills at 80% the cost. Oh, if you don’t know, then I’ll teach you for free…..” This time it was a green clothed old man.

“Little brat, become a Warrior right now. This instructor promises that as long as you change into a Warrior, not only will I teach you skills at a 30% discount, I will also give you a blue Warrior equipment……”

“What’s so good about being a Warrior? We Assassins can easily kill you……”

“Che, what can you do to us Knights with your crappy skills? Young man, I knew we had destiny between us from the moment we saw each other…..”

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